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    Hello everyone! This post will outline a lot of important information about the upcoming SkyBlock reset. I know this must come as a surprise to everyone, not like we've been talking about a reset for months.

    Let's start with a very important rule change regarding alternate accounts. I know a lot of you have them, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it becomes very hard for us to impose balancing limits on earnings, progress etc. when people use alternate accounts to bypass them. That is why we will be announcing a ban on using alternate accounts to boost your main one for competitive purposes. That means that if you are found to be doing this you will be disqualified from any competitions (/is weekly, /is topten etc.) for the duration of the season, or worse. I hope this makes sense as it will provide a fair chance to everyone, including those that do not wish to spend large amounts of money on alternate accounts.

    Moving on we've discovered a critical bug with the temporary rank system. This lead to some players keeping their ranks after it was supposed to expire. I have devised a solution for this, and a lot of you will experience losing your glitched temporary ranks. If you lose your rank and you believe it was an error feel free to contact us on Discord or email us at [email protected]. All ranks that are temporary will be removed, also those that have not yet expired. This is because we are moving to a new system using /redeem for all temporary items such as ranks and kits. In /redeem you will also be able to view when your rank, kit or whatever else expires as well. I know some of you have been asking for that feature so here it is! /redeem is a much more stable and up to date system, so I am hoping for great results using that instead. Our goal moving forward is to move as much as possible to /redeem so that you have a single menu to go to for your redeemable item needs.

    This reset will feature a large balancing update. We've completely redone the skill distribution system (And fixed a lot of bugs with it!) for buildings. Instead of having a fixed amount of skill points handed out for each building, it now scales along with the price using a secret formula. It will give less skill points per token the more tokens you pay. This is to allow new players a chance to catch up. The system is of course equal for everyone, independent of rank etc. We've also redone our token shop prices, and disabled certain items from being bought/sold in favor of allowing you to grind them out using the various buildings and the Mining Realm. We hope this will lead to a more dynamic economy where players have to interact with each other to get stuff done.

    Another issue that I've been thinking about for a while is that the amount of infinitum gems people have has become quite large. We've previously been adding these back when we start a new season, and we will be doing that for this season as well. However, for future seasons only infinitum gems purchased the last season will be added back. We will of course be adding this information on the store as well.

    Previously when resetting your island a portion of its value was returned. This has been removed.

    Since people always ask what will be reset and what will be kept;

    We are going to reset
    • Your islands (Including buildings etc.)
    • Your token balances
    • Your quest progress
    • All auctions
    • All inventories
    • The Mining Realm
    • Your vaults
    • Kit cooldowns
    • Vote crates
    • Your statistics
    We are NOT going to reset
    • Your ranks
    • Your kit access
    • The amount of vaults you have
    • Your boosters
    • Crates except Vote crate
    • The items you have in /redeem (Please read above for Infinitum Gems)
    • Added "Event Core" redeemable
    • Updated BattleGrounds Event crate
    • Added Hopper Limit on Islands
    • Updated /eco weekly
    • Updated prices for tokenshop
    • Tweaked certain quests to reflect new economy
    • Added expiry system for redeemables (Ranks and kits)
    • Rewritten vault system
    • Updated spawner crate
    • Getting kicked now counts as a combat log
    • Reduced kicking by anticheat
    • Allowed modifying best friend plots with WorldEdit if owner is premium (Creative Plots)
    • Fixed "in combat" spam when server is restarting
    • Changed category for "Smelter" and "Explosive" enchantments
    • Rewritten crate storage system
    • Added automatic versioning to all plugins using git commit hash
    • Added admin menu for setting quests to complete
    • Allowed "illegal" (greater than normal) level enchanted books to be applied using anvil
    • Allowed Custom Enchant books to be applied using anvil
    • Nerfed Item Keeper
    • Items with Custom Enchants (And no other enchantments) no longer glow (Fixes anvil crash issue)
    • Fixed a lot of bugs!
    The entire network will be taken down to prepare for the SkyBlock reset on the 20th of November, at 2PM EST. Reset will release on the 20th of November at 6PM EST.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask below! :)
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    Thanks for everything you do, It means a lot to us. Even if we don't express it in our best way. I know you have been going though a lot right now with school and such, so with you being able to take your time and make time just for us is very appreciated. We will be very happy with the new season, some of us may of course be upset, but hey, that's normal. Keep doing amazing work Lorg0n!


    Will top players be receiving rewards? If so, is there an estimated time those rewards will be announced?