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    Hello everyone!

    The SkyBlock reset is now live, which means that we have concluded the previous season. Among other things, this means that we have winners of the previous season!

    We'd like to congratulate (Results are based on level, fetched from /is topten level)
    1. Aeolia by Mixeq ($100 Store Giftcard)
    2. The Under goDs by Gustavopollo ($50 Store Giftcard)
    3. BumHole by Xvxa ($25 Store Giftcard)
    4. Egg by Placidas
    5. PANIC by Mishalio
    6. Minority Palace by Onesh0t
    7. mondshauwer's island by mondshauwer
    8. Ramin by Ebys
    9. illusion by sunb0rn
    10. BeyondTheSwords by _CuzImAnimeLyfe_
    @Bigbear1313 will contact the island owners for their rewards. All trophies have been handed out.

    Moving on to the coming season, which we've simply titled "Season 3". As you know, we've introduced some new rules regarding alternate accounts. Please see this post for more information.

    A few notes about Infinitum Gems and Vaults;

    As mentioned in the above linked post, Infinitum Gems will no longer be a lifetime item. They will be added to your account when you buy them and after the next (And only the next) reset. That means that if you buy Infinitum Gems now they will be added to your account at the time of purchase, and also the next time we reset the server. This applies for any previous purchases aswell.

    Vaults have now been moved to the /redeem system. We've added all your vaults back to your accounts in /redeem. Everyone is starting with 1 vault, any bought after that will be added to your account permanently. Please note that due to how Tebex works the people who purchased the vaults back when they gave you three vaults only adds one vault. Contact us and we will rectify the issue. Some of you may have changed your name and not logged on which also may cause you to not have received your vaults. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you believe that you have not received your vaults. ALL VAULTS MUST BE REDEEMED USING /REDEEM. Please check /redeem before contacting us.

    Some of you may have received your items multiple times. If this has happened, please let us know and we will attempt to rectify the issue. Please do not redeem these items.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us on Discord by making a ticket or at [email protected]. Do not send a direct message to any admins etc.

    The Mining Realm is now 16 TIMES as big! This means that the pregeneration isn't quite ready yet, but it will be soon :)

    We are going to be doing some exciting things for the rewards this season (Announcing them up front :O ), so stay tuned for that announcement!


    Whats new about alt accounts? its not in the post!
    It is in the 2nd paragraph:

    Let's start with a very important rule change regarding alternate accounts. I know a lot of you have them, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it becomes very hard for us to impose balancing limits on earnings, progress etc. when people use alternate accounts to bypass them. That is why we will be announcing a ban on using alternate accounts to boost your main one for competitive purposes. That means that if you are found to be doing this you will be disqualified from any competitions (/is weekly, /is topten etc.) for the duration of the season, or worse. I hope this makes sense as it will provide a fair chance to everyone, including those that do not wish to spend large amounts of money on alternate accounts.