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    This post will outline details around the SkyBlock reset later today. I know I said I would make this post yesterday, and I also know that I forgot to do that, which is entirely my bad. Hopefully your terrible disappointment of not getting to read this post yesterday isn't too great.

    First of all, the exact time of the reset. This has been in the server MOTD for some time in the form of a countdown. As you probably know, it is today, and it will be happening at 20:00 UTC (8PM)/16:00 ET (4PM).

    We're going to be moving to a new map called Ruins! The name should be pretty obvious once you see it. I'd like to thank @Arithmetix, Zachary911, BlackBeqr and Epitomy for building the map in the first place, and @TomIsAHunter and @Arithmetix for the finishing touches. You'll see we have maintained the previous NPCs for the quests and shops, but there are also be a few new things. We've added a jukebox which you can use to play songs in the BattleGrounds. These are powered by noteblock magic, and anyone who has noteblock sounds enabled will be able to hear them. Tokens for these will be available in the webstore shortly.

    More importantly, we're also introducing a new currency; mob coins. These can be obtained in the Mining Realm by killing crazy mobs. In the BattleGrounds spawn area you will see the new Mob Coin Shop, where you can purchase select spawners and custom enchants. The crazy mobs have been overhauled. They now have a new AI powering their behaviour, and more mobs have a chance to become crazy mobs when they spawn. Crazy mobs are now also available in the nether, where they will have slightly better drop chances but also put up more of a fight.

    Going along with the theme of improving behaviour, the guardians have been completely rewritten. Their behaviour is now modifiable using your warfare skill levels in the island menu. In this menu you can modify which mobs the guardian should attack, and you can upgrade the guardian's attack types. Attacking now features a complete record of all previously attacked islands, and all islands that have attacked your island. During attacks the players are now placed in adventure mode, meaning they are unable to destroy or loot anything. Attacking rewards will be getting more changes coming soon, but these sadly have not been implemented yet. In the future you can expect to see a significant amount of warfare skill points being received, in addition to other rewards, making attacking a good way to level up your island. You may no longer go further than 60 blocks from the Attack-O-Mat when attacking an island. At the same time, attack towers may not be placed more than 50 blocks away from the Attack-O-Mat.

    There have been a lot of other tweaks added, but I don't think those are really all that interesting to talk about. I guess I should mention that you can now pick between a selection of different animations to play while your buildings are being constructed. These are unlocked based on your rank.

    Since it seems to be a question a lot of you are asking, we will be resetting vote crates. Infinitum gems will be re-added if they were purchased in the previous 2 seasons.

    As a final note I would like to thank our bug testing team. They've put in a lot of work in testing, and I can tell you for sure there would be a lot more issues without them. Harry could've been more useful tho, so throw some shade his way.

    I hope to see all of you later today!