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  • Economy Weekly Update and More!


    As many of you are aware we have decided to step back from doing island weekly competition for the past couple months to let the economy balance out before we start it back up again.

    Well its getting to that time.... we have now decided to bring it back, new and improved?! It is now to be referred as, Island bi-weekly! This is essentially the same competition as before, but now rewards are handed out everyone other week instead of every week.

    Why did we do this you may ask? We thought it would be in the players best interest to have more time to plan and compete in a longer time framed competition than something that is short and resets regularly, like previous competitions that have been held. This will also let us give out bigger rewards overtime, to incentivize more players from the community to participate in these competitions every two weeks.

    Economy Weekly
    We have also added a lot more on to /eco weekly, to increase the amount of items that are "in demand" during this season, so hopefully we don't run out like last time. This will hopefully increase players willingness to "grind" these items and try and get ahead in the competition. If you are new to this feature, it will raise random marketplace items sell/buy prices every week in order to give a bigger incentive to try and get more of one material.

    Now onto what everyone has been waiting for...


    These will be changed a bit with the new bi-weekly competition. Many of you have seen the new "Community Goal" on our web store. We have added this to raise the end of season rewards if the goal is reached, as well as raise the rewards by 2x for the current xp bi-weekly competition, when the goal is reached! The Community Goal, goes up everytime someone purchases something on our store, so this is just a way for us to thank the community for donating, and helping out the server. However if the goal is reached more than once we will raise the rewards for the week it is reached again by x1. (Ex. If the goal is reached 3 times, the week it is reached we will give out 3x the rewards!)

    Rank System
    We have also updated our entire rank system. This won't effect y'all much (the players). However, this will help staff be able to understand any issues with any kind of ranks in the future.

    There may be some minor issues with our new rank system, so be sure to let us know by making a ticket, creating a bug report, or emailing [email protected]

    Extra Details
    We have also done many other things with the new update, we will list some big ones below:
    - We have now disabled items breaking when repaired
    - Fall damage disabled in Battlegrounds

    Now that I have talked about rewards lets talk about the coming first bi-weekly competition. We will be starting out with our usual rewards. 1st will get $30 gift voucher, 2nd will get $20, and 3rd will get $10.

    We will of course keep up our announcements for rewards and the winners for each competition, so keep an eye out for that! And like always if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment/reply and or DM a Moderator/Helper on discord.