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    To anyone needing some encouragement today here is a poem for you.

    Roses are are red
    Violets are blue
    I know it's hard
    But you'll make it through
    With your head up high
    And your friends by your side
    Ready to hold you
    In case you cry
    You have so much left
    So much to do
    That alone's a motive
    For you to fight through
    And the roses are still red
    The violets still blue
    They'll be here a while
    And so should you.

    To everyone struggling with anything in their life and feel like giving up, please don't. There is so much to live for. Everyone goes through tough times in their lives. Life has its ups and downs. That's just how it is. I've struggled through depression and suicidal thoughts myself. I get it, it's hard. Please know that there are people who care for you very much. They don't want to lose you. Don't choose to leave them. I love you all. Have a nice day.