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  • 2020 Summer Update


    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've done one of these, mostly because it's kinda high effort and I am not about that. As you all know I put 0 effort into anything. That's why we've been testing this update for a month (Not an exaggeration, we've actually been testing this update for a month). 0 EFFORT! I'll usually just throw a quick little patch note together in Discord, but honestly there is just too much in this update to do that. I've been keeping track of what we've done (somewhat at least) by editing messages in Discord that I intended to just copy paste, but we're at the point now where I'd need to send 3 messages because of the Discord character limit, so I figured doing a quick forum post instead might be appropriate.

    The main things this update is new buildings (3 of them!) and BattleGrounds event changes. We also now support SkyBlock island values above 2.147 billion.

    I've redone the entire fuel system. This does however have the unfortunate side effect that some of you may experience that your buildings are out of fuel. This is mostly an appearance, and if you redeem what has been generated it will behave as expected.

    Fuel Distributor
    This is the one you've been asking for! The building allows you to distribute fuel to other buildings. It does however require a 20% fee for any fuel transferred using it. It has a limit of 10 buildings you can target at once, but you can "chain" the Fuel Distributors to make a nice little fuel distribution network.

    Solar Panel
    The Solar Panel uses the natural light coming from the sun (Or at least the Minecraft version of the sun) to generate fuel. Be aware that this actually considers light level (Same logic as Daylight Detector in default Minecraft).

    Magnet Pipe
    Use the power of magnets to drag items into the pipeline! Connect to an Item Pipe and suck up any items on the ground nearby.

    Before any event starts there is now a vote for which event to start. Access the vote menu by typing /event or clicking the message in chat.

    Gold Rush
    I've pretty much rewritten this entire thing. We've moved from a ore count system to a point system. The undead miners will now also try to defend their ores so watch out!

    Haven't done much here but add some ambiance

    King Of The Hill
    We've added 9 (!!!) KOTH hills (Thanks to @TomIsAHunter for building them)! KOTH has now also been rewritten to require you to capture the hill and hold it. The winner is no longer who holds the hill the longest for a certain amount of time but rather who can hold it for 2 minutes first. You'll also notice some other changes, but I guess you'll just have to hop on in-game to check them out!

    If you're not really into the whole text thing here's a list of things I think I did
    • Renamed building "Magnet Pipe" to "Merge Pipe"
    • Added new building "Solar Panel" + Quest
    • Added new building "Fuel Distributor" + Quest
    • Added new building "Magnet Pipe" + Quest
    • Fuel pathfinder is no longer recursive improving performance
    • Added icons to all storyline quests
    • Added icons to all specialization quests
    • Added progress menu for main quest line in /quests
    • Added "Unlocks <building>" to all specialization quests which unlock buildings
    • Fixed issue where state-caller module for buildings (Which involves most modules, meaning most building functionality not common for all buildings) was calling enable/disable twice in some cases
    • Converted economy from storing values as 32 bit to storing as 64 bit, replacing every single place economy is used aswell - Converted island value from 32 bit to 64 bit (Fixes 2.147b value limit), replacing every single place this value is used aswell - Made all specialization quests cancellable
    • Added a timer for when a building runs out of fuel
    • Replaced timer for next generation in generator buildings (e. g. Ore Mine and Token Generator) with a progress bar as these are no longer fixed on a time
    • Rewritten how consumed fuel is calculated to be more predicatable and to work correctly with Solar Panel
    • Added voting for next BattleGrounds event using /event
    • Added some ambience to the Purge event
    • Added "Undead Miners" to Gold Rush
    • Changed Gold Rush to use a point system
    • Added "Undead Mining" Custom Enchant
    • Fix a few cases where usability check was called twice for some custom enchants
    • Fix inaccurate borders (Not matching with world border) for SkyBlock island sizes
    • Added proprietary handling of several crash exploits
    • Rewritten KOTH
      • Hill structure selection now uses a less random selection process where the same structure may not be selected twice in a row
      • The structure is now randomly rotated
      • KOTH no longer decides who wins based on who holds the hill the longest during a certain period of time, but instead requires you to "capture" the hill for a specific length to win
      • KOTH no longer requires you to stand on the gold blocks constantly to hold the hill
      • Added 9 new KOTH structures (Thank you to TomIsAHunter for these!)
      • KOTH Hill Protector golems now simply drop the items. Seems to be some issue with the NMS calls for Entity#die(DamageSource) not being called even when Entity dies from a DamageSource
      • KOTH Hill Protectors will now attack nearby players
      • Reduced KOTH Hill Protector panic speed
      • Adjusted KOTH Hill Protector attributes such as movement speed, follow range, max health and knockback resistance
      • Capturing the KOTH hill now puts you in combat
    • Improved "relationship" (They were constantly fighting before :( ) between fuel module and generation module for SkyBlock buildings
    • Fixed an issue where currently generating item (e. g. token or ores) would reset their progress when redeemed
    • Clicking the "Redeem" button for generation buildings no longer automatically closes the menu
    • Taking damage from any entity while in the BattleGrounds PvP area now puts you in combat
    • Fuel low warnings now contain the coordinates of the building in question
    • Fixed an issue where players with the Knocker 2.0 kit equipped could "fly" in the BattleGrounds spawn
    • The player with the current highest kill count is put in combat during Purge
    There's probably more that I have missed, guess you just have to watch for it in-game!
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