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    1. Death_Reaper_01

      Season Reset

      It is pretty clear this season has been a big disaster. First so many duping glitches. The pvp map sort of bad. And now a lot of the top islands got reset this is just sad. Me along with a lot of other players think this season should start over start a new. Please vote for a reset or not.
    2. Death_Reaper_01

      Bring Back Fall Damge

      Fall Damage is a good thing it makes it so running is a little bit harder and fights a little more fun bring it back.
    3. Death_Reaper_01

      Why was I banned for flying on my island?

      I was flying on my island and was banned I had a rank soo I had permissions to fly. I was just flying ): pls explain
    4. Death_Reaper_01

      Can you get the prizes for top voters if you vote for an alt

      If I voted on my alt for the whole month and I get #1st will I be able to claim my prize? Or do I need to vote on my main?
    5. Death_Reaper_01

      New No Account Boosting Rule Go away

      This rule has stopped us from doing so many things that really didn't mean anything. Like no paying you main from your alt. But I can pay a friend from my alt to pay it to my main that is ok. Like what the f? I think no token gen alt islands is a good rule but no paying main really isn't good...
    6. Death_Reaper_01

      How do I get into a call with admin if I am blocked and banned from the discord

      I need to ask question regarding my island and my permissions I don't want to be banned.
    7. Death_Reaper_01

      New Rule About No Account Boosting

      I would like to know all of the things that are considered account boosting because I'm getting banned for all of them without even trying.