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    1. minicows

      lol crazywar boring

      ok i not play for 4 week thx to my hgih quality vido so quit crazy war ok ???
    2. minicows

      im stupid

      someone told me to do /is leave i thought it makes u go to bg i did think it might make u leave ur island but i thought there will be a warning and guess what happened
    3. minicows

      i dont understand

      wtf is the 10 + 9 joke pls some1 tel me
    4. minicows

      how to be good at pvp

      watch the video made by 13 year old technoblad i havent mastered it yet
    5. minicows

      i hate

      i die with gsword pls nerf freeze freeze too op and fix the 1.13 SWIMMING GLITCH TWFSWBSSYSWGWYGDAHDDDOD
    6. minicows

      My godsplash business company

      ok so im bored and decided to do a stupdpid thijg. if u didnt know a god splash is a splash with all positive effects. ill probably do 3 splashes every week so dont miss or ur bad. ill just pick random time when people are actually on and not afk splash will happen on my island
    7. minicows

      Unpopular Opinion: Gsets are useless (and some sword ces)

      When you think about it, what are gsets even good for? the only good ces is blocker and item keeper and speedster, maybe some arsonist. Most of the ces actually give you a disadvantage, an example is spikes (similar to thorns). This litteraly barely do any damage to your opponent but it gives...
    8. minicows


      i want to make end theme island next season but i will need endstone so pls add endsont
    9. minicows

      can a staff member tell me how many times i have been banned

      also how many of them are for hacking
    10. minicows

      is crazywars against the eula?

      not trying to start some bad stuff here but do you think crazywars is against the eula? In my opinion it is. Here are my points: its p2w. in the store you can buy ranks which can give you items and gain an advantage over other people. if this was PvE, it would be fine. But this is PvP. You...
    11. minicows

      I will change my skin and name then I will quit cw

      I will change my skin to a blue man skin thus the army will rise. once I have changed my name everyone shall remember me then I quit. I quit soon cause cw has a p2w feel to it. I also don’t think it’s not that skill based. also don’t feel comfortable with the toxic environment. goodbye Steve...
    12. minicows

      how long does it take for a application to get a response?

      the purpose of this thread is to not make staff members check out my application. Just want an answer to the title
    13. minicows

      [IDEA] Duels

      ok so there’s a couple of game modes that have been added to duels like nodebuff sumo and combo. I suggest I add new a mode (build uhc) the kits are 2x lava and water bucket, 2 stacks of wooden plank, sharp 2 diamond sword, protection 3 full diamond armor. Also add healing 3x golden head (heals...
    14. minicows

      false bans

      I swear i have been false banned more than 5 times in this server. Most people know im legit, i use badlion client. I honestly dont know whats wrong with the moderation in this server but its litteraly trash