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    1. Popsoda

      false mute

      before we begin i do not want to hear any input from minicows being like "sEe i tOLd YOu" alright so yesterday i was warned for "player disrespect" (no report made) because a friend said "im a rat" or something along those lines (as a joke, obviously) and i said "hi rat!" (again i dont exactly...
    2. Popsoda

      best letter?

      We all have our favorite letters. H is the best because H is god. That's about all you need to know. This poll will self-destruct within 14 days of posting. hAVE A GREAT DAY YALL
    3. Popsoda

      Let's talk Toxic Waste.

      Toxic Waste. It's America's favorite sour candy (lmao jk). It's literally the most sour thing that exists. So basically, this stuff can get extremely painful. It hurt my tongue. I'm in pain. Ow. Thith thtuff can really make your tongue hurt. In cathe you don't know what the heck I'm talking...
    4. Popsoda

      what happens when i log in everyday

      so the past 30 days ive been on my grind to log in daily, but what do i get for it??
    5. Popsoda

      buying crate keys are a scam

      just buy a rank you unlock a lot more and sometimes they're cheaper
    6. Popsoda

      movie night

      can someone tell me when movie night is
    7. Popsoda

      im colorblind

      im grayscale colorblind just a fun fact i guess
    8. Popsoda

      crazywars up for sale

    9. Popsoda


      T or t is the 20th letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Its name in English is tee (pronounced ), plural tees. It is derived from the Semitic letters taw (ת, ܬ, ت) via the Greek letter τ (tau). In English, it is ...
    10. Popsoda

      i messed up

      wait dangit hek
    11. Popsoda

      should i commit a sin (read)

      should i write a fanfic about bear and lorge should i do it
    12. Popsoda


      So, how's everyone's quarantine so far? Whether it be bad or good, I hope life is good either way. I know it's pretty hard, because I mean, we're in the middle of an insane pandemic where tp is scarce and facemasks literally don't work. (oh hehe i just thought that it was a cool coincidence that...
    13. Popsoda

      forums is DEAD

      it is APPLE CROSS-BONE SKULL EMOJI! can we get more
    14. Popsoda

      just a dumb suggestion

      THIS IS ONLY A HALF JOKE BUT ALSO NOT I wont write a suggestion form for this because I don't think its good enough, but I still do think it might make an OK suggestion. Add a Quality Armory mode to the server lol
    15. Popsoda

      so i locked myself out of my phone

      yeah because i created a password rthat i forgot and ot was unsolvabe sooooo thats why y ou make sure your password is written down or definitely solvable
    16. Popsoda

      stupid autopredections

      what is the stupidest google autopredicition you've seen example
    17. Popsoda

      day 22 of quarantine

      bored as hek, watching emkay, eating chipotle, don't know the difference between add and adhd, obs can't run on my pc, and my friend is ignoring me: LIFE IN THE LIFE OF HARRASMINT HERSELF
    18. Popsoda

      the most annoying thing you've seen

      MY MOM IS A FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Edit: wow thanks for a like! edit: omg 10 likes????? edit 3: WOW! 18 likes?!?!?!?! edit: OMG 20 likes?? nO way??1! edit: 21 LIKES CAN WE GET TO 22 edit: 22 likEs?!?!?!? can we get 25?? edit: 30!!!!11 CAN WE GET 35...
    19. Popsoda

      Special Containment Procedures

      post random scp's here lawl
    20. Popsoda

      5 things you MUST KNOW

      1. face masks dont prevent coronavirus :/ 2. stop taking my toilet paper 4. you didnt know i skipped 3 5. frog