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    1. sushiFR

      Account Hacked lol

      II just tried to go on minecraft just to see what changed in crazywars, I couldn't log in. There is nothing I can do about it, I tried contacting microsoft, they couldn't help. I remember 3 years ago buying rocketeer for 50 dollars, lol what a waste.
    2. sushiFR

      Skyblock Bi-Weekly Rewards

      I thought there would be another
    3. sushiFR

      Crazywars <3 :(

      Dark woods was best
    4. sushiFR

      I'm quitting...

      I am leaving because i don't get along whit people and toxicity. Anyway i just don't feel welcome. I might come back but not for this season. I will miss all the people that was there on Crazywars from the start and others. Goodbye
    5. sushiFR

      Duel meh pls

      DUEL ME!!!
    6. sushiFR

      Old friend request

      i just realised i have friend request from more then 2 years ago... i have friend