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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LorgeN, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Now that I have sufficiently demonstrated how awful I am at titles, let's get into the recent updates and what they brought to the server.

    The new "Blacksmith" building allows you to repair your items and purchase/sell "Blacksmith" related items for a better price. We've also replaced all the NPCs on islands with player NPCs, which will hopefully provide a more stable solution compared to the now wellknown villagers. There will of course be some issues in the beginning, so make sure to report those here! We also went ahead and added a /buildings command for convenient access to your buildings (Yay for convenience, amirite?). On the topic of convenience and ease of use, we also completely redid a lot of the island building menus so that they are much more user friendly, so you should definetly check those out if you haven't already.

    We received numerous suggestions regarding the /topten command, how your ranking is calculated and if we couldn't include your actual island blocks in the island value. So we said "why not?" to all of them, and you can now view /topten based on island value or island level. Your island's blocks is then obviously also included in your island value, because if we're gonna do it we might aswell do it properly.

    Some more special kits have been added to the BattleGrounds, you can check them out in-game using the /kit command or read more about them here!

    When you /vote you will also receive a very cool vote crate which can be accessed using /crate. In this crate you will find some crazy legendary stuff, so make sure to vote every day!

    I urge you all to share cool pictures of your islands here! That's about it for now!
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  2. umm how do u exacaly do that?
  3. What in particular are you refering to?
  5. I think he is talking about posting pics in the island forum :)
  6. Post this in bug reports buddy :) better chance of getting looked at
  7. Nope, all fixed, when I relogged it was all good ;)

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