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We're back!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LorgeN, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Oh boy, it’s been a while! We’ve not provided you guys with information regarding some of the more recent (And some not so recent) updates that we have rolled out. Most of these have been minor updates, which was why we did not prioritize posting a lot about them. That said, we've made time now, so let’s get into it!

    A thing that was heavily requested was adding someone to your island. We have added support for “best friends” to visit your island while you’re offline. Simply do “/friend add <player> best_friend” to add someone as a best friend, and you’re good to go. Don’t want them to be able to do this? Not an issue! Do /settings and disable it!

    When we’re on the topic of islands, we’ve also introduced a space saving measure. We noticed our servers filling up fast (Like really fast) with all your crazy islands, so we have sadly had to make it so the not-so-crazy islands go byebye. But don’t worry, we’re not selecting completely random islands, that would be craaaazzzyyy. So let’s break it down. Starting off, if you’re a premium player your island never gets deleted (Purchase today @ store.crazywars.net). Otherwise, there are 2 scenarios where your island will get deleted:
    1. You haven’t been online in a week, and your island value is below 1000 tokens.
    2. You haven’t been online in a month.
    Most of you guys are probably aware that we have a Discord server. This is our main platform for communicating with you guys in a less formal way. Recently, we’ve started working on our very own potty-trained robot, CrazyBot! He now manages the chats, keeping them clear of any sketchy links and unwanted messages. In addition to that, he can build a (metaphorical) bridge between your Discord account and your Minecraft account! Simply type “!link” in any channel in the Discord, and you will be sent some information along with a command to copy-paste into your Minecraft client. If you then have one of them coooool ranks you will get that on the Discord server aswell!

    We also recently introduced an entirely new gamemode after massive request from you guys; Creative Plots! You can access them using /server creative-1 or the NPC in any of the hub servers. Playing on the Creative Plots is very simple:
    • /random finds an available plot for you to build on
    • /claim claims a plot, allowing you to edit it
    • /unclaim unclaims a plot and deletes all your progress (Be careful with this one!
    • /like “likes” a plot, telling the owner that you think their build is quite nice!
    • /plots allows you to access your plots and the top ten most liked
    • /worlds allows you to travel between the different plot worlds
    For our beloved premium members, we’ve also granted you access to WorldEdit!

    Here are some other things that have been changed recently
    • Clarified various islands menu messages
    • Fixed bugs in shop system
    • New buildings
      • Command Center
        • Allows you to collect generated objects from all generating buildings
      • Wizard’s Tower
        • Allows you to purchase a random enchant, or upgrade an existing one for tokens
    • Mining in BattleGrounds
      • A certain amount of ores are always present in the BattleGrounds. These may be mined using regular tools, and used on your island
    • Nerfed Island Guardians and towers to make attacking more feasible
    • Reduced the impact loading larger islands has on the overall server performance by splitting it over several ticks
    • You may now change the name of your island to (Almost) anything you’d like
    • Added /rules
    • Added a /trade command
    • Individual BattleGrounds maps for every realm, all with relation to the name and overall theme of the realm
    • New gamemode Creative Plots
    • Fixed Mining Realm crashing
    • Improved user-friendliness of custom enchants
    • Fixed /home being accessible while in combat
    • Custom enchants now work on islands servers
    • Island loading method being called twice, causing various minor issues
    • Improved chat filter
    • Fixed weird message when a friend jumps to you
  2. OK that's weird But I also got kicked for kill-aura and I wasn't using any client or a mod but I accept being banned because of my high selectivity because on you're end it might of looked like kill-aura so I accept and I can wait till by ban is expired
  3. Thanks for the great server bro
  4. Dude, you don't do that here, you dispute bans on the forum.
    PnutButterJT likes this.
  5. What a huge update! Fantastic. We all admire what you do for the server and players :)
  6. ok
  7. This is by far THE BEST server I've played on thanks L0rgeN, TadahTech, MyNameIsNotHarry and everyone else that have names that I can't remember lol but thanks!
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  8. Hey L0rgeN, I just want to inform you my friend LarkyJ has quit Minecraft (sad I know :(), however, after informing him about this update, he says it's ok if you delete his island. So that's one island down!

    P.S. If you don't believe me, you can check his info and you will realise he hasn't been online for up to 4 months xD
  9. Islands get deleted after 3-4 weeks of inactivity anyway.

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