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The Big One?!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LorgeN, May 16, 2018.

  1. Nå er det på tide med enda en... No wait, that's the wrong language (Ooops). Doesn't really matter. I think you all know what's coming. I am going to write a post about our most recent update while trying to make a bunch of bad jokes so that you can laugh at me. It's fine. I've learned to live with it (Please stop :'( ).

    Today I have some major stuff for you guys. I didn't title this post "The Big One" for no reason. It is in fact a big one, if not THE big one. If you don't feel like reading my awful post, you can just skip to the bottom for a short and concise (kinda) list of stuff we did. I personally didn’t think anyone would read beyond that last sentence, so I didn’t actually write anything. This is just text so that it looks like there’s something here. I am also adding this picture to make it look more fun:

    You guys thought I was joking? Because I really wasn't. Just read the list below. It's better this way.

    • Island Upgrades
      Allows you to use your skill levels to upgrade various attributes of your island for increased craziness
      • Mining Realm (Coming soon!)
      • Guardian Health
        Increases guardian health
      • Token Chance
        Increases the chance for tokens to drop while you're building on your island
      • XP Chance
        Increases the chance for xp to drop while you're building on your island
      • Guardian Damage
        Increases the amount of damage your guardian does to attackers
      • Build Speed
        Increases the rate at which blocks are placed for buildings in progress on your island
    • Mining Realm
      • New movement mechanics
        Whenever you do /home or /random you now glide down from a high Y-level. This way you avoid falling into the void.
      • No fall damage
        You no longer take damage when you fall
      • Added ore shards
        These spawn randomly in the world in newly generated chunks, and allow for surface ores
      • Increased spawn rate for ores
        Ores now spawn more often in the ground in newly generated chunks
    • Special kit "Time Lord"
      A new special kit to be used on your island! This kit has a special item that allows you to instantly complete your currently building buildings! Please note that this kit is only available on your island! You have to be on your island, then do /kit. This kit will then show up under "Special Kits".
    • Islands ("/island") command improvements
      • Subcommands
        The command now features several subcommands, allowing for more command based interaction with your island. These commands can be accessed using "/island <subcommand> <arguments>".
        • /island help - View a list of all commands
        • /island create - Create a new island
        • /island go - Go to your island
        • /island reset - Reset/delete your island
        • /island topten - View the top ten island (Replacement for /topten)
        • /island visit - Public island visiting system (More info later)
        • /island calc - Recalculates the value of your island
        • /island will still work as it previously did
    • Public island visiting
      Want people to be able to visit your island when you're online, but you can't add any more friends? Or maybe you just don't want to add more friends? You can now set your island as public in /settings, and then people can use /island visit to check out your island!
    • Island moderation
      Now that we added visiting, we also added a moderation in the /island menu so that you can kick unwanted players or allow a special someone to build on your island temporarily!
    • Refreshed the /island menu
      Because sometimes you just need to take a step back and blow everything up
    • Tweaked guardian attacks
      This is something we continuously do to improve the experience for you guys. Some stuff has been nerfed, other things have simply been changed for a better experience.
    • Every CE item now has a unique ID
      This way we can spot duped items immediately and remove them
    • Guardian now has a health bar following it around
      Because that name tag looked lonely
    • Supporter rank
      • Now has access to /trash
      • Now has access to speak when chat is in premium mode
      • Can now have 35 friends (because we’re all friends here)
      • Can now use the house theme
      • Now have fly on islands
    • Bug fixes everywhere
      We fixed a lot of stuff, in particular we focused on /trade. It should be all good now woooooo
    • Performance tweaks
      I don’t know about you guys, but we don’t like lag so we tried our best to remove it
    • /feed changes
      /feed now features a cooldown, which has a different length depending on your rank. This will be displayed in the message that is sent to you when you use it. In other words, food is once again relevant.
    • Updated the look of the player list
    • Added title messages on island level up
    • Added message on island level up in the mining realm
    • Added a /discord command
    I am sure there is more, but I can't think of anything right now. I guess you're just gonna have to get on and find out for yourself!
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  2. I love this
    I love this so much
  3. this would make the sever much better

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