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SkyBlock 2.0: The Resettening

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LorgeN, Sep 6, 2019.

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    Wow, the forums? Are we really doing this? Seems like we are. I don’t think Discord would really like the amount of stuff I have written down that I’d like to share with you. Fairly sure I’d be exceeding the 2000 character limit. Anyway, most of you probably already know what this is about. The reset, which we’ve decide to title SkyBlock 2.0 because I’ve pretty much rewritten our entire SkyBlock system. Don’t worry, it will be quite familiar in-game but should work a lot better in general. I’ve corrected the building hitboxes and fixed some piston issues, so none of those glitchy buildings should happen to mention some of the stuff. There’s a lot more, and I’ve got a full list below.

    The main change you will notice are the quests. Everything is based around quests you complete to play now. Don’t worry, most of these can be skipped if you’re not feeling up to completing all of them. However, skipping them does not give you the reward so do consider that before skipping everything. Factions will be down for a little while. This is so we can convert it from NotFactions to Factions, and make it very cool for you guys. I know people don’t really enjoy my super long posts, so I’ll just get right to it with a nice little (actually quite large) list of things:


    • Removed lots of legacy (unused) code
    • Fixed several concurrency issues where certain commands executed in rapid succession would override the result of each other
    • New kit system
      • Now same system globally on all servers
      • Supports statistics for each kit
      • Allows you to edit your hotbar for each kit
    • Custom Enchants have been improved and cleaned up
      • Most enchants have received a change in max level
      • Enchants now belong to a category, which limits the amount of similar enchants may be applied to an item
      • Several enchants have been tweaked and improved to function properly
      • Potion effect enchants no longer give an infinite effect, but instead refresh the effect on a tick loop
      • Added more efficient admin command for restoring lost items with custom enchants
      • Smelter now universally supports all items that may be smelted and can be applied to shovels
      • More information about this in /helpenchant
    • Moved economy away from central player data storage object
      • Now stored tied to account ID and economy system
        • Factions
        • SkyBlock
      • Gamemode servers will have an economy system tied to them.
      • E. g. hubs have no economy system
      • Commands have changed to include economy system:
        • /eco view [system]
        • /eco top [system]
        • System variable is only required if on a server with no default economy system
      • /pay command is automatically disabled on servers with no default economy system
    • Moved to new stacking systems
      • You may now stack spawners, entities, valuable blocks, and floating items
      • This leads to a significantly lighter load all over
    • Moved to globally inject custom permissible for better global control over permissions
      • All permission checks are now handled by an event
      • Fully disabled setting anyone to OP
    • Improved skin fetching system for NPCs
    • Added option to block /trade requests from anyone but friends
    • All bans are now IP based
      • If you are banned but weren’t previously, feel free to submit a ban appeal
    • Improved Container object structure to avoid duplication of stuff such as vaults
    • Fixed a bunch of bugs


    • Adjusted economy
    • Golden apples can now be crafted again
    • Added a /craft command for soarer+
    • Falling off your island now causes you to be teleported back up
      • Unless you are attacking, in which case you may still die to void
    • Building an Iron Golem on your island will now cause them to exhibit similar behavior to your guardian
    • Completely rewritten back-end for all buildings
      • Now considers if chunk is loaded for animations
      • Now uses a module-based system where each building can request which modules they need
      • Modules may have dependencies, usually allowing you to stack most of controls into a single module which then instantiates the remaining modules reflectively
      • Building-local event system
      • Building-local storage tree
      • Significant performance improvement
      • Building hitboxes are now accurate for all rotations
      • Replaced sine/cosine calls with constant values, reducing load whenever fetching schematic for any building
      • Field mapping when island loads has gone from O(n^2) to O(n)
      • Fixed an issue where rotating your building would cause certain blocks to be left behind and other weird artifacting
      • Added option for staff members to “fix” broken buildings and view detailed information useful for debugging issues
      • Fixed an issue where pistons could push blocks “into” protected locations
    • Renamed categories and improved categorization of buildings
    • Improved all building/island menus/UI
      • No longer close when retrieving placement items and similar
      • All buildings are now located in a “tabbed” menu meaning there are less menus to switch back and forth between
      • Moved building confirmation position to commands (Meaning lag spikes can no longer cause you to spam-send messages in chat)
      • Buildings now show process progress when hovering over them
    • Mob Grinder no longer spawns an actual mob, but instead a floating head you may hit to retrieve experience orbs and drops
    • Mob Grinder now has a back button for the selection menu
    • Tree Farm now allows you to select a type of tree to plant
    • Wizard’s Tower now allows you to combine custom enchants
    • Added new building “Item Transporter”
      • Functions like a large-scale telepathic hopper
      • Supports interaction with chests and buildings (i. e. may extract items from ore mine to a chest)
    • Certain buildings which will produce some form of item or other valuable now require fuel to operate
      • View more information regarding this concept using /fuel
    • Moved simultaneous buildings to be part of island upgrades
    • When your island levels up in any skill or in total, the messages will merge into a single “block” of messages instead of flooding your chat
    • Island Upgrades now use your total level as opposed to skill levels
    • Renamed “Basic” island theme to “Classic”
    • Added new skill types to better reflect how they are gained
      • Farming
      • Gathering
      • Exploring
      • Mining
      • Building
    • You may now collaborate with others on an island
      • You may not own and collaborate on an island
      • If you collaborate on an island, this becomes “your island” in most contexts where previously it would only consider an island you actually own
      • Start a collaboration by doing /is invite <player>
      • Adding someone as a best_friend still has the same effect as previously
      • You may disable receiving invites from non-friends in /settings
      • Quests will try to skip certain objectives when noticing an island member has already completed the same quest

      • Only applies to building unlock quests
    • Islands no longer unload when the owner disconnects if someone with permission to keep the island loaded is online
    • /is calc has been improved
      • There is now a progress bar over your hotbar when calculating island value
      • No longer force loads chunks (Was causing lag, will now wait until server is available)
      • Will now show the difference between the value of your island before and after calculation
    • Added an option to skip the BattleGrounds when connecting to SkyBlock and go directly to your island
      • Defaults to false but can be changed using /settings
    • There is now a single inventory used for BattleGrounds, on Island and in Mining Realm
    • Island deletion no longer utilizes WorldEdit
      • Fully unloads region files and chunks from memory and then deletes them
      • Will lighten load a lot
      • Coordinates of deleted island may now be reused before the server is restarted
    • Island world generation does no longer have a central solid bedrock block
      • No longer have to check if we are at 0, 0 of world which should show a slight bump in performance
    • Added season based naming both for front-end and back-end
    • Crazy mobs have been buffed significantly
    • Island kits are now available in the Mining Realm
    • Your island level will now show in chat for both Islands and Mining Realm servers
    • Improved loot in chests found in the Mining Realm
    • Mining Realm terrain generation has been significantly improved performance wise
      • Structure generation no longer uses the Bukkit Event API
      • A custom chunk generator is injected into NMS to avoid using the Bukkit Event API
    • Fixed several issues where structure generation would look weird/unnatural
    • Added new structures to Mining Realm
      • Abandoned Villager heads
        • Eye Of Ender will point towards these
      • Surface Spawners
      • Mineshafts
    • Small huts are now generated based on biome
    • Removed ore spikes in favour of ores in the ground
    • You no longer spawn in the air in the Mining Realm
    • Auction House is now available in the Mining Realm
    • The entire world is pregenerated to avoid heavy loads on server when generating unexplored regions
    • /random command now keeps a certain amount of points in-memory to avoid having to generate upon request
      • This also yields more stable results
    • SkyBlock is now largely based around completing quests
      • Certain quests are mandatory, others can be skipped or are optional to participate in
      • All buildings are unlocked by completing quests
      • Many features now have to be unlocked by progressing along the quest lines
      • Quests can be used to earn certain rewards, such as tokens or island skill points
      • You may start/view optional quests in the BattleGrounds by talking to the NPCs
      • Resetting your island resets quest progress
      • Use /quests to view currently active quests
    • Removed legacy tutorial system in favour of quests
    • SkyBlock islands now have a visible world border
    • Island world has been reformatted to be based on a 2-factor scale world for significant computational advantages when calculating relative positions
      • Limits islands to be within their own region files, so we can easily delete a certain amount of .mca files without checking if they collide with other islands
  2. WOW @LorgeN NICE JOB. There are a lot more things in this update/reset then I thought there would be. Hopefully there will be a lot less bugs and lag now. We all <3 you!!! #LoveCrazyWars :D
    james channdler and Mixeq like this.
  3. Well done @LorgeN #CrazyWarsForLife Less lag YAY!
  4. How to get custom enchantment?
  5. You can kill crazy mobs in the mining realm, there's also buildings in the mining realm with chests you can loot and find custom enchants in them.

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