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Major Update #1 Changelog

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TadahTech, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. What's goin' on everyone?! TadadadadadaTEEECCCHHH, or TimTheHorse, or whatever your flavor of the month you choose, bringing you guys some insight into our backend server stuff. We will be doing weekly updates and will always shortly be followed by some sweet update notes for you guys. So without further ado:

    • More kits to BattleGrounds

      • All premium players will receive food with every kit

      • Kit food is available for non-donators

      • Added Mage, Knocker, and Ender special kits.
    • Added a percentage chance to have players drop heads in BattleGrounds
    • Kits in Islands (just type /kit while on your island to view)

    • Redstone and different wood (both planks and logs) to Marketplace

    • Crazy Crates (new and improved rewards, & animations)

      • Everything crate (Contains everything)

      • Morph crate (Only morphs)

      • Gadget crate (Only gadgets)

      • If you already have any cosmetic, an appropriate amount of tokens will be given instead

      • More to come!
    • A new hub!

      • More NPCs

      • Most popular realm

      • Go to any realm and play battlegrounds wherever you want!

      • You can still only have 1 island on 1 realm total
    • Added broadcasts to deaths in battle grounds
    • Also a preference to turn that off, if you wish!
    • Descriptions to minigames

    • Increased time between combat log and being out of it (was 5s, now 20s)

    • Fixed bedwars enderchests

    • Fixed booster spam

    • Fixed boosters not executing properly

    • Tweaked Island value display number to be more user-friendly

    • Improved attacking & opponent finding

    • Fixed chunk loading errors where a newly generated island would simply disappear

    • Improved 1.12.2 support

    • Improved shop items in Bedwars

    • Fix various access issues with kits in SkyWars

    • Fixed not being able to break all tree blocks in the Tree Farm

    • Fixed a bug causing attack towers not attacking properly

    • Fixed a bug with tab sorting for battlegrounds

    • Fixed various BedWars bugs

      • Reconnects have been improved
    • Improved friends GUI

      • Added option to add friends using the GUI

      • Added option to change friend type in the friend submenu
    And that's all we could remember! We're sure there's been more minor stuff here and there we've done, but that's the gist of this update! Let us know what you want to see next week!

    - Tim
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  2. Excellent work Tim and the team!!
    We are enjoying it and some of us didn't expect there not to be bugs since this is a fairly new server.
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  3. I LOVE this server good job to all the staff team!!!
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  4. Thanks :)
  5. :)
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  6. I see there's another Tim lurking around these parts.
  7. it a lambo

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  8. Can You Please stop bed wars farming by making spwan bigger or make sure that people can't place blocks on the island or something because when i played people would just put 4 blocks around spawn and one up and then each time we spawn people would farm kills because we had no armour and we couldn't break through.
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  9. Honestly.. Crazywars server is seriosuly one of the best even if it's new in my opinion it even beats Hypixel .. its highly addictive and it is called CRAZY for a reason trust me on that, and it's very user-friendly. Like if you all agree :) Please all vote for crazywars server so we can go to the top together! Great job staff ! Hope you all are having a nice day!!
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  10. Thanks NickMrle :)
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  11. Cool hey how do u apply for mod on here
  12. Thx i have now applied

    Wish me luck
  13. Thanks everyone for all the kind words about us, the staff team!

    And this update is awesome!
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  14. whens death run goin to be on the sever
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  15. Amazing job. i know of no other server with weekly updates!
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  16. Yea, I love that there can be weekly updates so we can keep getting new things and never have nothing to do;):p
  17. agreed
  18. how do you get to bed wars
  19. Reshon this might now be the correct place to ask that question but in /hub you can click or right click the person that has the tag bedwars teams or just bedwars to join a game

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