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Island Attacking Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LorgeN, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. #1 LorgeN, Apr 16, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
    I am back. You probably didn't miss me, but I am back anyway. Deal with it :cool:

    You might be wondering what I have to tell you guys this time (Or maybe you really don't care). It's pretty cool, and quite important so I recommend you keep reading.

    Let's get started with Islands, as they're kinda the main thing:
    • New AI for the Island Guardians
      • If you hit something on your island, the guardian will attack it aswell
      • Improved following AI
      • Improved attacking AI
    • Tried to fix an issue where the guardian is sometimes invisible (Can't confirm, but at least we tried)
    • Adding a full UI on the Attack Shrine
    • Added a 30 second Tower Grace Period when attacking
    • Added a 1 minute loot time if you succesfully defeat the guardian, where chests and generators may be emptied
    • Increased rewards for attacking (BECAUSE WHO NEEDS LOW REWARDS AMIRITE?)
    • Added more information about buildings in the UI
      • Dimensions are now available both in the shop menu and on the placement item
      • More information about how to get back a "lost" building on the placement item
    • Added a new building "Item Crypt" where you may store items, similar to a vault
    • Added a /sell command where you can sell your items because that's always fun
    • You now lose your stuff if you abandon an attack
    We also added monthly playtime, so you can view that using (You might've guessed it) /monthlyplaytime.

    Factions are also coming along. We do not have a set date for when we will be releasing the beta, but we're hoping some time in April (That's this month :eek:).

    We may or may not also be working on a surprise for you guys, so you may or may not have that to look forward to!

    Until next time,
    ya boi LorgeN
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  2. Can't we just use EnderChests though? Also I cant remove my Attack Shrine
  3. I hate the lag on this server this is the 3rd time my game has crashed in the last 10 minutes. Also why is a bunch of stuff removed from the market?
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  4. questions 1 why was was there a large amount of items removed from the market and 2 when trying to add a enchantment to a pickaxe it kicked me out of the server 3 times saying not applicable
  5. the market resets every so often. items which people have crafted then sold vanish. just recraft items then sell one to get it back on the market.

    what enchantment are you trying to put on it?
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  6. fortune 2
  7. I haven't been able to play on the server properly since this update. There's too much lag and my game crashes every-time I try to extend my island. The screen freezes for a few seconds and sometimes it just freezes forever unless I force shut down my laptop. Please do something..
  8. this might have to do something with your computer or internet connection
  9. It's not the case. All other servers I play on work perfectly. The problem is with the islands. Everything else on this server also works well. I can't use my attack shrine or place more than a few blocks until the game just decides to crash.
  10. Okay, this is too much. I've asked some other players and they have the same issue. I know that it's not a fault of my connection/PC. All servers except for this one work perfectly. Crazywars is my favorite server but this lag is making me avoid it. I can't do anything on my island at all. Just the island. Everything else works well. I spend most of my time renovating my island in some or the other way but now I can't. Please do something..
    Oh, and everytime I try to move on my island it disconnects me. I can't leave the spawn point of my island.
  11. i agree with Ishani it freezes until you force shut down
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  12. I'm glad someone agreed. I'm also glad that I'm not the only one who has this problem.
  13. HEY I fixed that buy playing on 1.8 instead of 1.12.2
  14. I know I've been posting a lot but I think we shouldn't lose our items if we abandon an island because if the server itself got disconnected then it isn't the attacker's fault. It's the connection/server's fault.

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