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Factions Base Building and Raiding

Discussion in 'Guides and Tutorials' started by Blindshot59, Apr 30, 2019.

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  1. Base Defence:

    • The max amount of buffer a faction is allowed to have is 20 chunks in each direction starting from the base wall.
    • Enchantment tables under walls is NOT allowed.
    • Cobwebs under walls is NOT allowed.
    • No patching outside of your base claims while being raided.
    • Using gen buckets to patch is NOT allowed while being raided.
    • You are NOT allowed to place water or obsidian over spawners to protect them.
    • You must wait 10 mins after the most recent shot to patch walls.
    • Auto cannons are only allowed under Y:10.
    • Roof cannons are NOT allowed. (Roof cannons are described as any cannon that shoots tnt and/or sand at or above Y:255)
    • Pre-stacked sand is allowed.
    • Cannons that shoot faster than 2 sec is NOT allowed.
    • Wall Removers are NOT allowed. (Thousands of TNT fired in a single shot to remove an entire wall)
    • Cannons that are made to intentionally lag the server are NOT allowed.
    • You are permitted to have ONE raid claim per base.
    • A raid claim can NOT be larger than 7x7 chunks.
    • You can not have a cannon that shoots through more than 2 walls OR reverse layers per button press.
    • Cobble monstering is NOT allowed.
    • You may only use ONE cannon to raid a base. (If you need to move it, break it down and start again)
    These are our basic base building and raiding guidelines, not following these can result in a staff member removing defenses or cannons completely. Please follow them :)
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Thread Status:
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