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Crazy Wars 6 Month Update!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TadahTech, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Update notes for the patch as of 2/28/2018:
    • Added 3 new ranks
      • MadLad
      • Soarer
      • Supporter
    • Added the ability to upgrade your rank from a previous one (this has been here for a bit but figured we'd let y'all know)
    • Added a new Protection 10 crate with some epic items
    • Added a new Protection 10 kit
    • Head over to the store! Buy Crates | Buy Special Kits | Buy New Ranks
    • Reworked custom enchants to be more fair and more common to drop (bow enchants now drop more often)
    • Removed some bugs we found
    • Removed SkyWars (all types)
    • Removed Solo Bedwars (don't worry, Team Bedwars is still around)
    • Shifted some NPC's in the hub
    • A bunch of cool back-end stuff no one will ever know about (thats how you know it worked)
    • A bunch of work on Factions vCRAZY (we will be posting more about this as we get closer to releasing)
    • And more!
    Holy cow guys, 6 months of absolutely CRAZY things going on. Over the past 6 months, we have learned a lot from you guys, our amazing playerbase, about what you like and don't like. And have been finely tuning CrazyWars to fit this perfectly. As some of you may know, the entirety of CrazyWars is completely custom coded by myself and L0rgeN. We have worked on this system tirelessly for over 2 years now, and are super happy with where it's brought us. Let's go over some mind blowing stats over these past 6 months.

    - Over 225,000 UNIQUE Joins (that means 225 thousand of you guys have joined our server)
    - Over 800 GIGABYTES of Island Data (that's a lot of super cool islands and buildings, like, a lot. send more gigabytes)
    - Over 250,000 lines of code in CrazyWars (and we're not even done yet!)
    - 5,428 Discord members (that's a lot of people to talk to and send memes to)
    - 701 staff applications (a lot of people love helping!)
    - 449,784 messages sent in discord (Thats a lot of letters)

    Guys, some of these things are just insane. You guys are amazing, and we love everyone of you. Except you MyNameIsNotHarry, and ABigPickle, yeah not them.

    We look forward to the next 6 months with you CRAZY folks.

    Keep it Crazy,

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  2. Ya, not you MyNameIsNotHarry and ABigPickel. XD. We live u all even though I'm not a staff member!!! And thx for fixing up the custom enchants. Ima a collector. :)
  3. Come a long way since the beginning! Well done team :)
  4. That's a lot of stat work... Good job though! Very proud of what this server is becoming!
    Hyped for factions.
  5. For sure. I started in the beginning when there weren't ranks. XD
  6. Hey guys I want to apply for a staff position on this server... I really enjoy playing on it, and i would LOVE to help contribute to this project with a couple of minor suggestions and other things to help the community of this server to grow to become better and better! So any replies would be helpful on how to apply would be GRATEFULLY appreciated!

    Once again thanks!
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  7. Its simple just head over to the apply for staff thread, fill out an application and wait and hope that you get accepted.
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