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Auctions and events - craziness continues!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LorgeN, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Hello, all you crazy guys and girls (and whatever else you may identify as, we don’t judge)! It’s me again! Did you miss me? Maybe you thought I just gave up and moved to the north pole to become a polar bear? WELL YOU WOULD BE WRONG! I might’ve taken a bit of a break from my annoying posts and pings over here on our forums, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to my usual stuff and things.

    You guys know I don’t just randomly write these posts. Usually I will also add some actually useful information in there. You know, stuff like update notes and stuff. So, that’s what we’re gonna do today too. Sadly, you’re not getting a nice list like last time (mostly because that was a lot of work as my browser crashed 10 times while making that one), instead, I am back at it with my great writing and fantastic humour (YAY!).

    So let’s get right into it, now that you’ve read the two useless paragraphs I added at the start of this post just to make it look longer. Starting off with something that has been requested for a while, and that has actually been done for a while too; AUCTION HOUSE! This will allow you to trade with other players on other servers in other countries on other continents in other universes in other dimensions… wait, no, scratch those last two. Let’s stop at continents. Anyway, yes, you can trade with people without even being online! Simply type /ah to get started! A nice little (Actually it’s kinda large) menu should appear, looking something like this;

    Cool, right?! Every button has a nice and lengthy description as to what it does, so I’d recommend you read that before panicking because it looks craaaaazzzzyyy complicated. If you have any further questions you feel that isn’t answered in said nice and lengthy descriptions, don’t be afraid to send a message to a helper or mod through Discord or simply in-game!

    Moving on to the second large addition; BATTLEGROUNDS EVENTS! Magically, randomly and fantastically things will start happening in the BattleGrounds. Pay close attention to your chat, as there will be an announcement on all Island realms when this happens. Messages will look something like this (Actually exactly like this, but dramatic effect and all);[​IMG]
    Currently, we have three different event modes; King of The Hill, Gold Rush and Purge.

    But loooooooorgeeeen, what are theeeeey??? Well, because I am running out of ink, I can’t actually explain that here. Guess you’re just gonna have to get on the server @ mc.crazywars.me today and check it out!

    Of course, we did do other stuff too! For example, we tweaked the Vote Crates to be much, much (like a lot) better! Make sure to vote every day to get your cool and crazy rewards! We added a /island realms command for quick access to the various realms. Other than that we did a looooooooooooooot of bug fixes, so you can enjoy that! Oh, and we also made our boy Harry his own Manager rank because he’s been here forever so we thought he should get his own rank and stuff (and also he was getting very annoying asking for it 24/7 so we gave in).

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  2. Didn’t mention the server reset when is it and also please don’t do it I will be sad XD
  3. I'm confused bout it, is it on June 28 or July 28?
  4. when do u fix the sever, i really want to play its a cool game and i have cool stuff
  5. nice L0rgen
  6. Just wanted to ask about what host you host your and server on? I think Not MCProHosting and I think you host your forums on GoDaddy I also k its shorta off-topic
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  7. this will be awsome

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