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Guess who's back (Hint: It's me)! I know we promised this post a bit earlier, but we've been super busy with the development of our new gamemode factions! And let me tell you, your ideas are helping us greatly! We've been reviewing submissions both over the Google Form, and in the Discord channel, and we're making our greatest efforts towards making the craziest ones into reality, or at least add them to our server! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far!

Now, on to the most recent update! We added a new special kit called Frost Warrior, so make sure to check that out in-game! Here's a bit of a sneak-peak:

We also added some fancy new buildings for all you crazies. We added a new premium only building that allows you to grind all the mods... mobs, I meant mobs, you want, really easily. We were really creative, and named it "Mob Grinder"! Next up is the "Holy Torch", helping you keep those pesky monsters at bay. Finally, we have the "Experience Tank", a place where you can store your (hopefully) pleasant memories of CrazyWars!

That's about it! A bit shorter this time. We're busy working on Factions, and will hopefully have some updates on that for you all soon!
Now that I have sufficiently demonstrated how awful I am at titles, let's get into the recent updates and what they brought to the server.

The new "Blacksmith" building allows you to repair your items and purchase/sell "Blacksmith" related items for a better price. We've also replaced all the NPCs on islands with player NPCs, which will hopefully provide a more stable solution compared to the now wellknown villagers. There will of course be some issues in the beginning, so make sure to report those here! We also went ahead and added a /buildings command for convenient access to your buildings (Yay for convenience, amirite?). On the topic of convenience and ease of use, we also completely redid a lot of the island building menus so that they are much more user friendly, so you should definetly check those out if you haven't already.

We received numerous suggestions regarding the /topten command, how your ranking is calculated and if we couldn't include your actual island blocks in the island value. So we said "why not?" to all of them, and you can now view /topten based on island value or island level. Your island's blocks is then obviously also included in your island value, because if we're gonna do it we might aswell do it properly.

Some more special kits have been added to the BattleGrounds, you can check them out in-game using the /kit command or read more about them here!

When you /vote you will also receive a very cool vote crate which can be accessed using /crate. In this crate you will find some crazy legendary stuff, so make sure to vote every day!

I urge you all to share cool pictures of your islands here! That's about it for now!
We recently added different maps to all of our Island realms, If you haven't seen them, please crawl out from whatever rock you are living under and check them out, because they are really cool! Don't believe us? Our admin A_Big_Pickle has taken some screenshots in-game, so we thought we'd share them with you!









Yep, that's right! I am back yet again, and it hasn't even been 3 months since the last one! We just rolled out another update, and we're super excited to share what's new with you guys. This isn't one of those really big updates, but it does bring about some much needed changes. Without further to do, let's get right into it!

First of all, Island attacking has gotten a bit of a lookover. We noticed that in a lot of cases you would spawn in the middle of nowhere, and just fall to your death. As thrilling as this may sound, we came to the conclusion that this was not really the way to go (Who would've thought?). While some of you might have appreciated the challenge , we have now removed this "feature". The guardians also decided to hide themselves when they died, instead of dying properly. After much careful explaining and some not so civilized discussions, the guardians have now agreed to stop this madness, and actually die. You will no longer be robbed of your tokens, in other words.

We of course couldn't stop there, now that we were on a roll, so we added another building. It might not be as crazy as the Crazy Castle, but it is certainly a useful one. The "Block Grinder" allows you to chose from a collection of blocks that will then be generated right there in front of you, in a way very similar to the traditional Minecraft cobblestone generator. This will now be your go-to building for a lot of resources until you reach island level 10. If you do however own any of the buildings that have now been restricted to level 10 and above, fear not, they will still work just fine. You just wont be able to purchase new ones until you unlock them.

In addition to this, we've also adressed several bugs, and tweaked the custom enchants to be less overpowered. As always, feedback is very much welcome, both here on the forums and on Discord!
Oh boy, it’s been a while! We’ve not provided you guys with information regarding some of the more recent (And some not so recent) updates that we have rolled out. Most of these have been minor updates, which was why we did not prioritize posting a lot about them. That said, we've made time now, so let’s get into it!

A thing that was heavily requested was adding someone to your island. We have added support for “best friends” to visit your island while you’re offline. Simply do “/friend add <player> best_friend” to add someone as a best friend, and you’re good to go. Don’t want them to be able to do this? Not an issue! Do /settings and disable it!

When we’re on the topic of islands, we’ve also introduced a space saving measure. We noticed our servers filling up fast (Like really fast) with all your crazy islands, so we have sadly had to make it so the not-so-crazy islands go byebye. But don’t worry, we’re not selecting completely random islands, that would be craaaazzzyyy. So let’s break it down. Starting off, if you’re a premium player your island never gets deleted (Purchase today @ store.crazywars.net). Otherwise, there are 2 scenarios where your island will get deleted:
  1. You haven’t been online in a week, and your island value is below 1000 tokens.
  2. You haven’t been online in a month.
Most of you guys are probably aware that we have a Discord server. This is our main platform for communicating with you guys in a less formal way. Recently, we’ve started working on our very own potty-trained robot, CrazyBot! He now manages the chats, keeping them clear of any sketchy links and unwanted messages. In addition to that, he can build a (metaphorical) bridge between your Discord account and your Minecraft account! Simply type “!link” in any channel in the Discord, and you will be sent some information along with a command to copy-paste into your Minecraft client. If you then have one of them coooool ranks you will get that on the Discord...
What's goin' on everyone?! TadadadadadaTEEECCCHHH, or TimTheHorse, or whatever your flavor of the month you choose, bringing you guys some insight into our backend server stuff. We will be doing weekly updates and will always shortly be followed by some sweet update notes for you guys. So without further ado:

  • More kits to BattleGrounds
    • All premium players will receive food with every kit
    • Kit food is available for non-donators
    • Added Mage, Knocker, and Ender special kits.
  • Added a percentage chance to have players drop heads in BattleGrounds
  • Kits in Islands (just type /kit while on your island to view)
  • Redstone and different wood (both planks and logs) to Marketplace
  • Crazy Crates (new and improved rewards, & animations)
    • Everything crate (Contains everything)
    • Morph crate (Only morphs)
    • Gadget crate (Only gadgets)
    • If you already have any cosmetic, an appropriate amount of tokens will be given instead
    • More to come!
  • A new hub!
    • More NPCs
    • Most popular realm
    • Go to any realm and play battlegrounds wherever you want!
    • You can still only have 1 island on 1 realm total
  • Added broadcasts to deaths in battle grounds
  • Also a preference to turn that off, if you wish!
  • Descriptions to minigames

  • Increased time between combat log and being out of it (was 5s, now 20s)
  • Fixed bedwars enderchests
  • Fixed booster spam
  • Fixed boosters not executing properly
  • Tweaked Island value display number to be more user-friendly
  • Improved attacking & opponent finding
  • Fixed chunk loading errors where a newly generated island would simply disappear
  • Improved 1.12.2 support
  • Improved shop items in Bedwars
  • Fix various access issues with kits in SkyWars
  • Fixed not being able to break all tree blocks in the Tree Farm
  • Fixed a bug causing...
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