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Oct 14, 2019 at 2:14 AM
Sep 1, 2017
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Administrator, Male, from England

MyNameIsNotHarry was last seen:
Oct 14, 2019 at 2:14 AM
    1. solahpro
      Hi,MyNameIsNotHarry... I want to tell you,I got ban in this server...Please unban me...i don't hack in this server..Hope you read this
      1. ZdixGames
        you have to buy an appeal you can't just ask
        Sep 11, 2019
    2. TheLordHerobrine
      Hello, MyNameIsNotHarry… I Would Like A Unique Rank... I Wish That I Had A Unique Rank And Would Love If You Did! I Would Love It To Be "Code Of Minecraft" In Bold Red! Thanks Alot, MyNameIsNotHarry!
    3. Mastermind_23
      MyNameIsNotHarry has manager in-game but admin on the forums...
    4. SkeppyFrance
      Hello. Sorry but we are gona have to demote you from the staff team. Recently you have been ping spoofing players. You should know that Ping Spoofing is not allowed on the server but you kept doing it so we are sorry but you are getting demoted. Thank you for all you have done for the server.

      Mastermind_23 likes this.
    5. Herobrine_
      Hello, Harry! I have an problem with "Factions"... It's not my forte' that they added cursing...
      I understand that people wanted cursing to be added but I don't like it...
      I would wish that you added a "Chat Filter" so I am less disturbed by peoples' "Conversations"!

      -Your best server fan! BobbieRotten_!
      1. MyNameIsNotHarry
        Hey! So we currently have plans for something like that however factions is still currently in beta. As of now I suggest maybe holding off playing factions if you 100% don't want to see those conversation until we have the filter in place. Have a good day :)

        Apr 23, 2019
    6. Herobrine_
      Hi Harry I Have Screenshots Of Blindshot59 Putting Wool On My Plot With World Edit I Told Him To Stop And He Put This Face In Chat ):< And He Took The Wool Away So Yeah He Bothered Me And My Buddy For A Bit... Could You Please Do Something About It... I Have Screenshots How Could I Send Them?
    7. OrionG
      Plus just like to add this, when it comes to his friends they never get muted, only thing he dose is say, ''hey don't talk trash'' now if it was me he would mute me and criticize me through /message. I don't think an MOD should be criticizing a player out of all people.
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      2. OrionG
        Also I don't want to be CRITICED BY A MODERATER
        Jan 27, 2019
      3. OrionG
        Plz Un-rank Tablebacon for he is not doing his job correctly. I just got banned for talking to my friend Talke. I didn't know that was not allowed.
        Jan 27, 2019
      4. Bigbear1313
        As you were advertising when talking to him, you have been banned for the appropriate time. Please wait out your ban.
        Jan 27, 2019
    8. OrionG
      Hey MyNameIsNotHarry I would just like to say that Tablebacon keeps muting me whenever I say something. Just like today, He muted me for saying ''are you kidding me'' and right after I said this I got muted. I don't think Tablebacon is mature enough for the job if his only solution is to report me. Never once has he warned me like your supposed to do.
    9. Quest Crothers
      Quest Crothers
      I did not have enough characters to tell you this but I only paid 600K tokens for the boots but TableBacon told me to spend 10million in upgrades on the boots and so I did. That is why I am out 10 million tokens. TableBacon wronged me. I will not trust TableBacon again I promise but need my tokens back or the boots he sold me. I enjoy CrazyWars but this is not fair. Please help.
    10. Quest Crothers
      Quest Crothers
      I'm QuestCraft. TableBacon sold me boots. I showed Arithmetix and he said they were glitched so I had to give Arithmetix the boots. And TableBacon said if a mod or helper scams you the mod or helper should lose their rank or be banned. I don't have the tokens I paid or the boots. I asked these two to make this right and neither of them will do anything. I want my 10 million tokens back that I spent on the boots.
    11. Herobrine_
      Also I Took The Application To Be A Helper!
    12. Herobrine_
      Ok Harry Thanks
    13. Herobrine_
      Hello Harry Can We Fix The Fence/Iron Bar/Glass Pane Glitches For 1.13.2 Bc I Play In The Newest Version And I Would Like If We Could Have Fixed Fence/Iron Bar/Glass Pane... If This Happens THANK YOU...
      1. MyNameIsNotHarry
        I am afraid there is nothing we can do about this as the server is based on 1.8.9, all I can suggest is changing to 1.8.9
        Jan 14, 2019
    14. ILikeWafflezz
      I am so sorry! I did not mean to ask for my money back! It was an accident! I would like an unban please. Thanks!
      1. MyNameIsNotHarry
        If you would like an unban you would will have to purchase one from the store. Thanks
        Oct 2, 2018
        CuteGirlsPlayz likes this.
    15. MrFunkeybear150
      harry can you change my birth please i put the wrong one is soppos to bee March 15 2008 please change it
    16. TRAVELER1_YT
      HI.Its me TRAV you banned me because of my skin now I changed it. Can you please unbann me
    17. mooeena
      am so sory admin am mooeena a love you and a love your server am so sory am cry all day plz give me modeniator :(
    18. gamergirl322
      some on darkwoods
    19. gamergirl322
      duped item mynameisnotharry
    20. Kay_L_M_Gaming
      Can we do something about the island lag?
      Jb503 likes this.
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