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    1. LorgeN

      Question for staff (Admin+)

      They can't be removed, no matter what you may think. It'd be very unsafe to do because there are references to the buildings in several places. The only person that could remove them is me, and I wont. I can try to get it done during christmas, but I am not making any promises.
    2. LorgeN

      Question for staff (Admin+)

      Will probably be looking at some "Return building" function in the future, which will allow you to sell your building back to the server for 50% ish of the original price/value.
    3. LorgeN

      Please vote (it's for a something ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

      Poor Harry
    4. LorgeN


      It's literally just another URL for these forums. Wouldn't recommend you use it tho, doesn't have HTTPS.
    5. LorgeN


      Will be coming soon! Feel free to suggest stuff you want to see, especially if you have some cool, very specific ideas :)
    6. LorgeN

      What's coming?

      Hey guys! I figured I'd actually use the forums for this for once. Will also give you guys the option to voice your opinions in this thread, so that might be useful. A lot of people are probably wondering what we are working on, what is coming in the future and what you can expect. Currently...
    7. LorgeN

      insane bro

      insane bro
    8. LorgeN


      tbh would be a shame if someone just kinda deleted ur thread n stuff
    9. LorgeN

      advent calender and other stuff

      We are looking into adding the Santa's Sleigh building back. It's not simply a matter of dragging and dropping files.
    10. LorgeN

      Welcome to the new forums!

      To create an account, simply head in-game and type /register!
    11. LorgeN

      Server Rules

      Disclaimer We (The staff team) reserve the right to execute negative sanctions (punish) at will, as we see fit, without a violation of the below stated rules. Any of the below information is subject to change without notification or warning. Any major changes will most likely result in a public...