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      Economy update!

      Hey everyone, Today it's time for a more "average" (I guess?) update. While we've fixed a lot of stuff, the main focus of this update has been the tokenshop. By that I mean the sell/buy prices for the various items in the buildings such as the marketplace. We've rewritten large parts of the...
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      SkyBlock Breaking News

      Aren't we all?
    4. LorgeN

      SkyBlock Breaking News

      This is none of your concern. Staff members can temporarily mute channels if they wish to stop receiving tags. Additionally, you should not be tagging staff members when reporting someone. The staff members that are online will see it.
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      Easter Build Competition Winners

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      Not really, it wont be released until I am happy with how it works and feels.
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      Someone disovered the ping command lmao

      Someone disovered the ping command lmao
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      Welcome JDGames and Larucus!

      Short one today, but thought I'd use our fancy forums aswell to welcome JDGames and Larucus to CrazyWars! Today they've posted their first video which I wont spoil here either (Check out our Discord to get that insane reference right there and also stay up to date on news n stuff ya know)...
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      SkyBlock Alpha Season Reset

      yes (If you read the post it says why)
    10. LorgeN

      SkyBlock Alpha Season Reset

      Hello everyone! For some of you this may come as a surprise, for some of you it may not. We've decided to do a reset of the SkyBlock server. The main focus of this reset is to scale back the economy. We have achieved a point where our economy is stable, but inflated. This means the main thing we...
    11. LorgeN

      SkyBlock Week #8 Rewards

      Did you think I forgot? Well, I did not. Thought I'd delay it a day. Let me know what you guys think of this, we might still move it back to Sunday if people preferred that. Either way, let's get right to it! This weeks top ten looks like this: If you want more information about an island you...
    12. LorgeN

      SkyBlock Week #7 Rewards

      As promised, time for some rewards! I know a lot of you have been hard at work, but some people have been at it even harder than others. (If you want more information about an island you can use /is show <player/name>) That means the winners are @Mixeq @Y4KUBU @Mastermind_23 Gonna be...
    13. LorgeN

      Weekly Rewards!

      My apologies! I entirely forgot to put that in the post, will edit and add. The command is /is topten weekly.
    14. LorgeN

      Weekly Rewards!

      Hello! I am back so soon. Wont make this post too long, just thought I'd give some information on this most recent update. It is not huge, but it adds a very important element to the game; We are now tracking how much XP you earn on your SkyBlock island per week. By XP I of course mean the skill...
    15. LorgeN

      New buildings and new kit!

      Hold up a second here, the PX kit is Protection 10? This sentence right here isn't making a lot of sense.