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Oct 12, 2018 at 5:51 PM
Aug 30, 2017
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Jun 25, 2000 (Age: 18)

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Owner, Male, 18


hello commands https://i.imgur.com/jd3WM5B.png Jul 26, 2018

LorgeN was last seen:
Oct 12, 2018
    1. Urby2016 is a yoshi
      Urby2016 is a yoshi
      LorgeN i really want the helper rank but how do i get it i appyed for staff
      1. Tea14
        You can apply by going to Apply for Staff and submitting a application
        May 16, 2018
    2. Rhythm Mishra
      Rhythm Mishra
      pls i need help pls
      1. snowdragon2222
        On what
        Aug 5, 2018
    3. Rhythm Mishra
      Rhythm Mishra
      lorgen pls pls givr me op pls i am noob pls
      1. snowdragon2222
        Of course hes not gonna give you
        Jul 31, 2018
    4. Ishani
      Okay so this is the second time my Efficiency X pick disappeared by a glitch.
      The first pick disappeared when I took it out of my vault on a friend's island and when I returned to my island it wasn't there?
      The other one disappeared when I tried to repair it. I put diamonds on an anvil and when I got the fully repaired pick and walked a little it turned into a diamond.
      I'm Ivyfern5000 on the server.
    5. King227
      PS. about my island I was playing that day then left for 10 hours and my island reset
    6. King227
      LorgeN you have a staff out of control he is abusing his powers, his name is Makechew4567 . He is flying in pvp and tricking people into getting their op gear. He said and I quote I check the reports so I will never lose my op. please do something about him.
      1. LorgeN
        We don't have a staff member by that name. If someone is abusing a glitch, I'd recommend you report them (With evidence, of course) on our Discord :)
        Apr 3, 2018
        JLR_2004 likes this.
    7. Lucypbeagle123
      Also the store isn't updated yet for the extra ranks and /doubleflip command on the CRAZ-Y rank info. I was just saying in case you didn't notice.
    8. Lucypbeagle123
      I keep applying for staff (Moderator) but it never sends me a email if I am accepted or denied and lets me submit applications over and over. please help me here. (also, I have been here since nov. and I cant figure out how to get a theme. how do I?)
      Landen likes this.
      1. MyNameIsNotHarry
        You only get a reply if you were accepted.
        Mar 6, 2018
      2. Lucypbeagle123
        but how do I get themes if I have been here since November/October?
        Mar 13, 2018
      3. Landen
        Yes same Lucybeagle123
        Apr 3, 2018
    9. TRAK3
      LorgeN i have a question. In the 'Apply for staff' page there is nothing about applying for helper, yet i have seen in-game helpers?
      1. martingame_yt
        They just haven’t updated it yet for the helper rank
        Feb 27, 2018
      2. TRAK3
        Feb 27, 2018
    10. Nick.g007
      hey LorgeN i was on vacation and its been quite some time since i'v played now, when i go to my island it says i don't have one please help my name is RAPTORS_NICK2345 thank you bye!
      1. LorgeN
        If you do not have a rank, and you do not play on your island in 1 month it will get deleted to save space on our servers.
        Feb 21, 2018
        TGA and JLR_2004 like this.
    11. Kay_L_M_Gaming
      What are the points here for? and will u be setting the sever on the new 1.13?
    12. King227
      LorgeN can you help me my island in oceancita go destroyed it was worth 3.86mill can you bring it back
      please you can ask my friends I had a island worth 3.86mill. it got destroyed and make a new island in frostwind please help me I have messaged all the staff there are I need help I took me months to make my island woth 3.86mill
      1. Anymous
        do not bother the owners tell about your island on discord
        Jan 31, 2018
        TGA likes this.
      2. TGA
        I mean, my island was worth 500mill and it got deleted Oh well
        Jun 5, 2018
    13. AlexCraft1066
      the correct name I am using now ItsMooseCraft20. Please help me to get the Necromancer kit and Knocker 2.0 kit I paid for
    14. AlexCraft1066
      Yesterday, I purchased Poseidon kit, Necromancer kit and Knocker 2.0 kit. I only received Poseidon kit. I've posted on the forum under purchase issues and emailed support and got no response. Please help me to get the kits I paid for. Thank you
      1. martingame_yt
        Just be patient, the staff are already busy enough and they will get to your issue.
        Jan 26, 2018
      2. AlexCraft1066
        The name he is using now is ItsMooseCraft 20. its been 3 days now and he still did not receive the kits I paid for. Humbly request an expedited review
        Jan 26, 2018
      3. martingame_yt
        Well don’t post these kind of things on staff profile pages, post it in the Purchase Issues section of the forums.
        Jan 26, 2018
    15. Wond3rfrazz10
      Can you add spwawners in the marketplace? Thx -Wond3rfrzz
      Ishani and JDKapuni12 like this.
    16. thebest
    17. TriMintTabby1
      Hello LorgeN, I just wanted to say that I have the highest respect for you. You not only hold the rank of owner, but consecutively put your time into being a lead developer. Bravo!
      martingame_yt and LorgeN like this.
    18. macy
      I just got banned from the discord I didn't break any rules I don't know whats going on please help my discord name is Macyy#6244
    19. Ligita
      LorgeN hi i just was wondering can you bring the mansion back to dark woods plz!!!
    20. Linkachu10
      hey can you admin me please my username is Linkachu10
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      2. LorgeN
        What if I ban you instead?
        Dec 24, 2017
      3. martingame_yt
        Yes! Ban!
        Dec 24, 2017
      4. Wond3rfrazz10
        Jan 26, 2018
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