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Aug 9, 2019 at 2:27 AM
Aug 30, 2017
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Jun 25, 2000 (Age: 19)

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Owner, Male, 19


where do i apply for staff May 11, 2019

LorgeN was last seen:
Aug 9, 2019
    1. MrFunkeybear150
      Lorgen please change my birth is soppouse to be March 15 2008
    2. JackPlayzO (YTer)
      JackPlayzO (YTer)
      Hey, I got banned from the server for 2 weeks, saying I was hacking: Kill aura, But I was never Hacking! I was killing a zombie and when I died, I got banned. Please Get to me as soon as possible. My Minecraft acc name is JackPlayzO

      1. simplysear
        Hey there JackPlayz! Please appeal for an unban on our forum page! Just scroll down on the forum and you should see it.
        Jul 31, 2018
    3. the YT
      the YT
      lorgeN I need u to check my form to see if I can get YT rank plaz
    4. LorgeN
    5. Opallios
      Hay, so I was going to try to apply for staff and it said I cannot access or I am not permitted to go on the page. I have no clue why but I’m hoping you can help. -Opallios
    6. Slayer_XX
      Hey LorgeN, I'm gonna be really sad when the server resets. I worked SO SO hard for my stuff!! why do you guys have to do this????
    7. TGA
      Is it possible to just be like a forums moderator? Just wondering, because I am on here pretty much every day. There is a lot of spamming occurring and I would like to help solve it! I know that my records are not perfect, but I have changed, I hope that you consider this. Have a great day!
      1. LorgeN
        I do recognise that we need more activity on the forums. However, we prefer to keep our staff team global, i. e. ranks globally and not just on 1 platform.
        May 31, 2018
        TGA likes this.
      2. TGA
        BTW, spam on main forums
        Jun 5, 2018
    8. Kevinkaito
      how do i apply for helper rank?
      1. LorgeN
        May 30, 2018
      2. Real JD_Kreeper
        Jun 15, 2018
    9. Kevinkaito
      Hi lorgeN am i supposed to have helper rank?
      1. snowdragon2222
        Idk Has long As you are helping
        Aug 5, 2018
    10. Tyler213
      Hey LorgeN, I understand and have seen first hand the cool downs for the ender pearls and god apples. I do not want to criticizes how you run your server. But I do politely recommend that you shorten down the god apple cool down or take it away please. I have been on the server lately and most people are not happy with the god apple cool down of 60 seconds. Thank you for your time.
      1. MyNameIsNotHarry
        The battleground is currently run by the people with god gear. The whole point of this cool down is to make is so when the god people start to die they cant just spam eat them. So now with the cool down people without god gear actually stand a chance.
        May 24, 2018
        TGA likes this.
      2. LorgeN
        To explain why we chose that long of a cooldown, I'd like for you to have a look at the effects gained by eating a golden apple. It applies a health booster for 30 seconds, so we thought a 30 seconds cooldown would be too short, as you could still spam it in the same way that you are now.

        I have consulted with people who PvP a lot, and they agree with me in this reasoning.
        May 25, 2018
        TGA and Kevinkaito like this.
    11. Sxbn
      Rip PvPHeroes L0rgeN <3 Du var en bra dev der
    12. King227
    13. King227
      i got banned for kill aura i do not know what that is and i am bad at pvp my in game user name is King227 if this is a mistake please fix it. :( ;(
      1. TGA
        May 17, 2018
    14. Urby2016 is a yoshi
      Urby2016 is a yoshi
      LorgeN i really want the helper rank but how do i get it i appyed for staff
      1. Tea14
        You can apply by going to Apply for Staff and submitting a application
        May 16, 2018
    15. Rhythm Mishra
      Rhythm Mishra
      pls i need help pls
      1. snowdragon2222
        On what
        Aug 5, 2018
    16. Rhythm Mishra
      Rhythm Mishra
      lorgen pls pls givr me op pls i am noob pls
      1. snowdragon2222
        Of course hes not gonna give you
        Jul 31, 2018
    17. Ishani
      Okay so this is the second time my Efficiency X pick disappeared by a glitch.
      The first pick disappeared when I took it out of my vault on a friend's island and when I returned to my island it wasn't there?
      The other one disappeared when I tried to repair it. I put diamonds on an anvil and when I got the fully repaired pick and walked a little it turned into a diamond.
      I'm Ivyfern5000 on the server.
    18. King227
      PS. about my island I was playing that day then left for 10 hours and my island reset
    19. King227
      LorgeN you have a staff out of control he is abusing his powers, his name is Makechew4567 . He is flying in pvp and tricking people into getting their op gear. He said and I quote I check the reports so I will never lose my op. please do something about him.
      1. LorgeN
        We don't have a staff member by that name. If someone is abusing a glitch, I'd recommend you report them (With evidence, of course) on our Discord :)
        Apr 3, 2018
        JLR_2004 likes this.
    20. Lucypbeagle123
      Also the store isn't updated yet for the extra ranks and /doubleflip command on the CRAZ-Y rank info. I was just saying in case you didn't notice.
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