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New Profile Posts

  1. It'sDean006
  2. Geeekoid
    Preparing for spooky day
  3. _Halifax_
    Hey guys im quitting the server! So Im doing a giveaway on my rank! Msg me on discord for the info! Discord-#_Halifax_#4578
  4. Hamsterking101
    Bedwars for life, it's as easy as that!
  5. PollarBear_
    IGN: PolarBearr_
  6. Memelord_God
    Do the Forums have a dark mode?
    1. Mastermind_23
      I don't think it does at this current moment. Maybe in the future. :)
      Oct 10, 2019
  7. Memelord_God
    Memelord_God Geeekoid
    Happy Birthday Geeekoid!
  8. Memelord_God
    Salt is just angry sugar.
  9. Memelord_God
    Can somebody please explain how I'm still set as "New Member"? I joined the forums seven months ago. -_-
    1. Mastermind_23
      You have to post a specific amount of messages to go from "New Member" to "Member". Hope that helps! :D
      Oct 8, 2019
  10. Geeekoid
    opening presents
  11. Mastermind_23
    Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "im possible"
    1. Memelord_God
      That's actually a valid point. For example, in Medieval Times, everyone would have said that giant, man-made flying tubes (airplanes) were impossible. We have absolutely no way of knowing that in the next thousand or so years, scientists will discover magic or something. Henceforth, nothing can ever actually be impossible, only improbable.
      Oct 4, 2019
      Mastermind_23 likes this.
  12. TheRealMaimunaki
    Maimunaki Is OG
  13. Asnodo
    Seeming like we all been running, running
  14. Geeekoid
    Geeekoid NikolakiH
    hi NikolakiH im a big fan
  15. TheRealMaimunaki
  16. zulater
    zulater Mixeq
    A follower uwu
    Mixeq likes this.
  17. OrionG
    Just made my NEW account!!
  18. TheGamingModz
  19. unbeachable
  20. TechSphere
    Swing Swong Gniws Gnows
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