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Hello everyone,

We have recently undergo some changes, and have lost access to the mc.crazywars.net ip address. What does this mean you ask? Well this means you can no longer access the server by the .net address. But BEAR! Can I still get on the server? Yes the server is still OPEN! You just have to change the ip address you are using to mc.crazywars.me! We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope all of you enjoy your time on our server.

- Many Thanks,
Crazywars Staff Team
Hello! I know it’s been a while since we’ve used the forums (Feel like this is starting to become the meta around here), but I thought this post might be an appropriate comeback. Over the past week-end, some drastic changes happened. Tim decided to leave the server, leaving only me as the sole owner of CrazyWars. What does this mean for you? Nothing really, I will be trying my very best to keep the server going as before.

(That includes cookies with every announcement, even this one! Bet you discord peeps thought I forgot to add it, but I didn't)

I know some of you are wondering where the big updates are, and I thought it was about time we addressed that!

First off; Factions. It’s been a loooooooooooong time coming, and we’re so close! Hopefully I will be able to throw together an early BETA version for you guys to start testing and playing on, then we will be continuously tweaking that to achieve the best factions experience possible. That will most likely end up taking a while, but you will be able to play on the server while we’re doing that. When we’re at the point where we’re happy with how things are, we will simply reset the server and start the first season. There will of course be a price for the top faction every season, how we will handle this has yet to be decided. To allow the less experienced Factioneers some practice, we’re considering doing a practice server for cannoning and similar so everyone can try and fail at their own pace.

After that, I will be focusing on making quests for islands to give you all a general storyline/guideline to play along. I was considering doing a reset here, just because I think the playing experience will be so different when we release quests, but I am not so sure any more. We will have to get back to that when we got to that point. My idea for quests revolves...
The server is currently down while we are making some changes and setting everything up! Join our discord server here to stay updated.

So, I have noticed that that there is a large number of players who enjoy role playing in creative plots.

I love how a group of people will just build a few buildings and roleplay and have fun, but do you know what’s better than a few buildings? A whole city. That's right.

So, I gathered a small team of builders and we are working on building a massive city with every building imaginable for players to freely go to and roleplay with their friends.

The city is making great progress and we are looking forward to it being completed and showing you all.
Hello, all you crazy guys and girls (and whatever else you may identify as, we don’t judge)! It’s me again! Did you miss me? Maybe you thought I just gave up and moved to the north pole to become a polar bear? WELL YOU WOULD BE WRONG! I might’ve taken a bit of a break from my annoying posts and pings over here on our forums, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to my usual stuff and things.

You guys know I don’t just randomly write these posts. Usually I will also add some actually useful information in there. You know, stuff like update notes and stuff. So, that’s what we’re gonna do today too. Sadly, you’re not getting a nice list like last time (mostly because that was a lot of work as my browser crashed 10 times while making that one), instead, I am back at it with my great writing and fantastic humour (YAY!).

So let’s get right into it, now that you’ve read the two useless paragraphs I added at the start of this post just to make it look longer. Starting off with something that has been requested for a while, and that has actually been done for a while too; AUCTION HOUSE! This will allow you to trade with other players on other servers in other countries on other continents in other universes in other dimensions… wait, no, scratch those last two. Let’s stop at continents. Anyway, yes, you can trade with people without even being online! Simply type /ah to get started! A nice little (Actually it’s kinda large) menu should appear, looking something like this;

Cool, right?! Every button has a nice and lengthy description as to what it does, so I’d recommend you read that before panicking because it looks craaaaazzzzyyy complicated. If you have any further questions you feel that isn’t answered in said nice and lengthy descriptions, don’t be afraid to send a message to a helper or mod through Discord or simply in-game!

Moving on to the second large addition; BATTLEGROUNDS EVENTS! Magically, randomly and...
Nå er det på tide med enda en... No wait, that's the wrong language (Ooops). Doesn't really matter. I think you all know what's coming. I am going to write a post about our most recent update while trying to make a bunch of bad jokes so that you can laugh at me. It's fine. I've learned to live with it (Please stop :'( ).

Today I have some major stuff for you guys. I didn't title this post "The Big One" for no reason. It is in fact a big one, if not THE big one. If you don't feel like reading my awful post, you can just skip to the bottom for a short and concise (kinda) list of stuff we did. I personally didn’t think anyone would read beyond that last sentence, so I didn’t actually write anything. This is just text so that it looks like there’s something here. I am also adding this picture to make it look more fun:

You guys thought I was joking? Because I really wasn't. Just read the list below. It's better this way.

  • Island Upgrades
    Allows you to use your skill levels to upgrade various attributes of your island for increased craziness
    • Mining Realm (Coming soon!)
    • Guardian Health
      Increases guardian health
    • Token Chance
      Increases the chance for tokens to drop while you're building on your island
    • XP Chance
      Increases the chance for xp to drop while you're building on your island
    • Guardian Damage
      Increases the amount of damage your guardian does to attackers
    • Build Speed
      Increases the rate at which blocks are placed for buildings in progress on your island
  • Mining Realm
    • New movement mechanics
      Whenever you do /home or /random you now glide down from a high Y-level. This way you avoid falling into the void.
    • No fall damage
      You no longer take damage when you fall
    • Added ore shards
      These spawn randomly in...
I am back. You probably didn't miss me, but I am back anyway. Deal with it :cool:

You might be wondering what I have to tell you guys this time (Or maybe you really don't care). It's pretty cool, and quite important so I recommend you keep reading.

Let's get started with Islands, as they're kinda the main thing:
  • New AI for the Island Guardians
    • If you hit something on your island, the guardian will attack it aswell
    • Improved following AI
    • Improved attacking AI
  • Tried to fix an issue where the guardian is sometimes invisible (Can't confirm, but at least we tried)
  • Adding a full UI on the Attack Shrine
  • Added a 30 second Tower Grace Period when attacking
  • Added a 1 minute loot time if you succesfully defeat the guardian, where chests and generators may be emptied
  • Increased rewards for attacking (BECAUSE WHO NEEDS LOW REWARDS AMIRITE?)
  • Added more information about buildings in the UI
    • Dimensions are now available both in the shop menu and on the placement item
    • More information about how to get back a "lost" building on the placement item
  • Added a new building "Item Crypt" where you may store items, similar to a vault
  • Added a /sell command where you can sell your items because that's always fun
  • You now lose your stuff if you abandon an attack
We also added monthly playtime, so you can view that using (You might've guessed it) /monthlyplaytime.

Factions are also coming along. We do not have a set date for when we will be releasing the beta, but we're hoping some time in April (That's this month :eek:).

We may or may not also be working on a surprise for you guys, so you may or may not have that to look forward to!

Until next time,
ya boi LorgeN
Update notes for the patch as of 2/28/2018:
  • Added 3 new ranks
    • MadLad
    • Soarer
    • Supporter
  • Added the ability to upgrade your rank from a previous one (this has been here for a bit but figured we'd let y'all know)
  • Added a new Protection 10 crate with some epic items
  • Added a new Protection 10 kit
  • Head over to the store! Buy Crates | Buy Special Kits | Buy New Ranks
  • Reworked custom enchants to be more fair and more common to drop (bow enchants now drop more often)
  • Removed some bugs we found
  • Removed SkyWars (all types)
  • Removed Solo Bedwars (don't worry, Team Bedwars is still around)
  • Shifted some NPC's in the hub
  • A bunch of cool back-end stuff no one will ever know about (thats how you know it worked)
  • A bunch of work on Factions vCRAZY (we will be posting more about this as we get closer to releasing)
  • And more!
Holy cow guys, 6 months of absolutely CRAZY things going on. Over the past 6 months, we have learned a lot from you guys, our amazing playerbase, about what you like and don't like. And have been finely tuning CrazyWars to fit this perfectly. As some of you may know, the entirety of CrazyWars is completely custom coded by myself and L0rgeN. We have worked on this system tirelessly for over 2 years now, and are super happy with where it's brought us. Let's go over some mind blowing stats over these past 6 months.

- Over 225,000 UNIQUE Joins (that means 225 thousand of you guys have joined our server)
- Over 800 GIGABYTES of Island Data (that's a lot of super cool islands and buildings, like, a lot. send more gigabytes)
- Over 250,000 lines of code in CrazyWars (and we're not even done yet!)
- 5,428 Discord members (that's a lot of people to talk to and send memes to)
- 701 staff applications (a lot of people love...
Guess who's back (Hint: It's me)! I know we promised this post a bit earlier, but we've been super busy with the development of our new gamemode factions! And let me tell you, your ideas are helping us greatly! We've been reviewing submissions both over the Google Form, and in the Discord channel, and we're making our greatest efforts towards making the craziest ones into reality, or at least add them to our server! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far!

Now, on to the most recent update! We added a new special kit called Frost Warrior, so make sure to check that out in-game! Here's a bit of a sneak-peak:

We also added some fancy new buildings for all you crazies. We added a new premium only building that allows you to grind all the mods... mobs, I meant mobs, you want, really easily. We were really creative, and named it "Mob Grinder"! Next up is the "Holy Torch", helping you keep those pesky monsters at bay. Finally, we have the "Experience Tank", a place where you can store your (hopefully) pleasant memories of CrazyWars!

That's about it! A bit shorter this time. We're busy working on Factions, and will hopefully have some updates on that for you all soon!
Now that I have sufficiently demonstrated how awful I am at titles, let's get into the recent updates and what they brought to the server.

The new "Blacksmith" building allows you to repair your items and purchase/sell "Blacksmith" related items for a better price. We've also replaced all the NPCs on islands with player NPCs, which will hopefully provide a more stable solution compared to the now wellknown villagers. There will of course be some issues in the beginning, so make sure to report those here! We also went ahead and added a /buildings command for convenient access to your buildings (Yay for convenience, amirite?). On the topic of convenience and ease of use, we also completely redid a lot of the island building menus so that they are much more user friendly, so you should definetly check those out if you haven't already.

We received numerous suggestions regarding the /topten command, how your ranking is calculated and if we couldn't include your actual island blocks in the island value. So we said "why not?" to all of them, and you can now view /topten based on island value or island level. Your island's blocks is then obviously also included in your island value, because if we're gonna do it we might aswell do it properly.

Some more special kits have been added to the BattleGrounds, you can check them out in-game using the /kit command or read more about them here!

When you /vote you will also receive a very cool vote crate which can be accessed using /crate. In this crate you will find some crazy legendary stuff, so make sure to vote every day!

I urge you all to share cool pictures of your islands here! That's about it for now!
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