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    We (The staff team) reserve the right to execute negative sanctions (punish) at will, as we see fit, without a violation of the below stated rules. Any of the below information is subject to change without notification or warning. Any major changes will most likely result in a public announcement here on the forums or on the Discord server, but you are still yourself responsible for staying up to date on the rules to make sure you abide by their terms and conditions.

    This document does not outline terms for punishment for the specific violations. These are considered based on each violation by the staff member handling the issue. All punishments due to the same violation(s) will receive equal consideration.

    Any use of the word “we” refers to the CrazyWars Staff Team.

    §1 - Trading
    These rules mainly apply in-game, on the Minecraft server.
    §1.1 Non-virtual currency
    We do not support any trading involving non-virtual currency (“in-real-life money”) apart from the items that may be purchased through our official store found at https://store.crazywars.me. Any other source claiming to be “official” or in partnership with us in any way should be reported to us at once, and not be trusted.

    We will usually not punish anyone for engaging in trading using non-virtual currency, with the exception being if they claim to have partnered with us in any way, or if they claim that we are supporting them. However, we ask that you all refrain from such trading to ensure that no one is scammed out of their money, and to ensure a safe platform for our entire playerbase.

    §1.2 Scamming
    When trading items/tokens (In-game currency), any regular player may scam another player. A staff member may never scam another player. We recommend using our /trade command in-game if you wish to avoid getting scammed.

    §2 - Game Modifications (“Mods”)
    These rules mainly apply in-game, on the Minecraft server.
    §2.1 Illegal Modifications
    Any modification to your game that provides an unfair advantage over other players is considered illegal, and bannable.

    §2.2 Legal Modifications
    Any modifications that do not in any way, shape or form provide an advantage over others are allowed. Client-Side performance enhancing modifications (i. e. modifications that increase the performance on your PC, such as increased frames per second (FPS)) that do not provide a visual advantage over other players without it, such as “OptiFine” are allowed.

    We understand that this may be confusing to some, so here is a list over some modifications that we allow:
    • OptiFine
    • Shaders
    • 5-Zig
    • Not Enough Items/Too Many Items
    • Minimaps (Without player tracking)
    • Schematica (Printer Disabled)
    • LabyMod (“Minimap” and “Damage Indicator” disabled)
    • Replay Mod
    • Discord Overlay
    Please feel free to ask a helper/moderator if you have any questions regarding a specific modification that is not included in this list.
    §3 - Behaviour
    These rules are relevant on all platforms (Minecraft, Discord and Forums). All chat rules also apply in direct messages (“DMs”), unless otherwise explicitly stated. We encourage you to use logic and behave, even if you are not violating the rules stated below. We wish to have maintain a safe platform for all our players.
    §3.1 Threats
    Threatening any player is strictly forbidden. Examples of threats are (but not limited to) DDoSing another players, or releasing information regarding them to the public (“doxing”).

    §3.2 Harassment
    Harassment/bullying of another player is not allowed in any way, shape or form.

    §3.3 Explicit language
    We do not allow explicit/vulgar language (Swearing, sexual references etc.) on any of our platforms unless otherwise explicitly stated.

    §3.4 Impersonation
    We do not allow any impersonation of staff and/or youtubers. This can be to the extent of threatening to ban another player or claiming to be a member of staff.

    §3.5 Inappropriate Usernames and Skins
    We do not tolerate any names which could state or infer anything which is considered a curse word or may hold any sexual connotations. We also do not allow any usernames that could promote/advertise other servers in a direct manner, such as a server ip address. Similar rules apply for Minecraft Skins. No nudity or things that wouldn't be found in PG movies and shows. Baby and bikini skins, within reason, are acceptable; skins showing semi-nudity or full nudity (blurred or not) are not allowed.

    §3.6 Spam
    Spamming in chat/direct messages is not allowed. Spam includes repeating the same words/characters over and over, sending messages very fast, or sending messages with no meaning.

    §3.7 Language
    This server is international, and therefore you may only speak english. This only applies to public chats (i. e. not in direct messages).

    §3.8 Advertising
    You may not share information (Including but not limited to IP addresses, websites) regarding other servers than CrazyWars on our platforms. Encouraging someone to join another server is also strictly against the rules.

    §3.9 Bypassing Filters
    Our entire network is protected by a filter that is set to remove messages containing certain phrases. If you deliberately phrase something or add whitespace/similar characters to avoid detection (Example: Let us say the word “food” is blocked, if you then were to write “f-o-o-d” that would be a violation of this rule), we will punish you accordingly.

    §3.10 Encouraging others to break rules
    Encouraging another player to break the rules is not allowed. This may in some cases be considered as you were violating the rule you encouraged another player to break.

    §4 - Applications and ranks/roles
    This section features information regarding staff applications, and how you may acquire a role/rank on our platforms.
    §4.1 - Staff (Helper) Application
    When applying for the helper position, there are several requirements that you must
    fulfill. As of yet there is no public minimum age requirement, however your application must demonstrate that you are are mature and capable enough for the position. Do not apply if you cannot commit adequate hours into moderating the server. Lying on your application will result in an instant denial and/or removal of any staff rank you currently have.

    §4.2 - Content Creator (YouTuber) Application
    The current minimum subscriber/follower requirement is 5,000. This number may fluctuate as the server progresses. Before applying, please ensure that
    Your content is family friendly (I. e. no swearing, sexual references or similar)
    You have regular uploads (More than once a week)
    Over 20,000 minutes of watch time
    §4.3 - Applications for any other rank
    Currently, there are no application form for any other role/rank. Asking for any of these roles is not allowed. If we are looking for new hires for position that do not explicitly have their own forms we will announce this over forums and Discord.

    §4.4 - Asking for status regarding your application

    Any question regarding the status of your application asked in open chat or directly towards a staff member may lead to instant denial.

    §5 - Theft
    §5.1 - Theft of non-virtual currency/items

    CrazyWars will not be held responsible for any stolen or misplaced property. If your Minecraft account was stolen, or you have otherwise lost access to it, please contact Mojang support. If any money was stolen from a vendor claiming to be associated with CrazyWars, we may take action against the false vendor (See §1.1). If you have purchased an item from https://store.crazywars.me, but you have not received it, please contact a staff member, or create a thread in the correct subforum.

    §5.2 - Theft of items on in-game property
    Just like scamming (See §1.2), stealing in-game items from any of your in-game properties (i.e. your island) is permitted. If you have items stolen, be wary of who you trust next time.

    §5.3 - Theft by a staff member
    The only exception to the rules above (§5.1 and §5.2), is if the theft is executed by a staff member. If you see a staff member stealing and/or scamming, please contact a member of our management team.

    §6 - Griefing
    §6.1 - General Griefing

    Griefing of someone else’s property is currently allowed. If you see someone is griefing any of your stuff, you may contact a staff member and they will inform you on the correct commands/measures to take during and after the griefing, but we will not be held responsible if a griefing has taken place, and the staff member is allowed to decline any requests in terms of aid for the griefing.

    §6.2 - Griefing a staff member/Staff members griefing
    Griefing a staff member’s property is allowed, unless they are directly working on the server, and you intervene. This may result in a kick/ban. A staff member is not allowed to grief any players under any circumstances.

    §7 - Bug exploits
    This section goes of the punishments for abusing a bug in the system.
    §7.1 - Exploiting bugs/glitches
    Exploiting any bug/glitch, no matter how small is strictly against the rules. The punishment for the offense will be decided by the staff member at the time, depending on the severity of the infraction. A dupe glitch for example, will result in a much larger punishment than a glitch that lets you fall through spawn.

    §7.2 - Reporting a bug
    If you encounter a bug/glitch, you must report it to a staff member immediately. Depending on the size of the bug you have found, you may receive a reward. If you find the glitch, you may test it to make sure it is recurring, but you are not allowed to abuse it in the name of testing. Any items and/or similar acquired by using a bug/glitch is to be handed in to staff. If this does not happen, your inventory may be cleared and/or your token balance may be reset entirely.
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