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    Hey everyone,

    Today it's time for a more "average" (I guess?) update. While we've fixed a lot of stuff, the main focus of this update has been the tokenshop. By that I mean the sell/buy prices for the various items in the buildings such as the marketplace. We've rewritten large parts of the store system. This means a few things. We'll start with some of the simpler stuff.

    I've rewritten the price calculator (That is the thing that uses crafting recipes for calculating prices based on other prices) to now better support items with decimal prices. Since our token system is integer only, we've now added better support for items of higher than 1 amounts where that is required to make the prices fair. This doesn't really affect you much in any other way than that we have support for a lot more items in the store. If you are interested in how this works, let me know in the comments and I am happy to explain it, but the important thing to take away here is that YOU CAN SELL/BUY MORE THINGS! WOOOOO

    That is not all! We've also added more calculation attempts to server startup. More specifically, an attempt to calculate a price is made for every item possible at server startup. Previously items with a data value would be ignored. Again, a bit technical but we're keeping with the trend of YOU CAN SELL/BUY MORE THINGS! MORE WOOOOOO

    We've also adjusted a lot of our prices in advance of one of our more exciting features; ROTATING ECONOMY! The way it is right now everyone is grinding the same thing. All the time. We thought to ourselves "That's kinda boring!", and decided why not do something about it? That's why we're introducing a system that will adjust the prices in the tokenshop every week so that there is something new to grind! Next weeks in-demand items will be partially revealed starting every Saturday and fading in until midnight Sunday, where the prices will be adjusted and applied. You can view the current week's in-demand items, and next week's once that is available, using /eco weekly. Please note that nobody but me knows when and what will be in demand. Yes, that includes the admins etc. This is so that nobody has an unfair advantage to gain massive amounts of tokens by stockpiling stuff that will be in-demand next week!

    I also added a little message when you purchase certain items to confirm that you actually received it. We will be working to improve our purchase system to prepare for Factions and a new Booster system so that everything is in 1 place.

    For those asking for BedWars/SkyWars back; That is 100% my plan. Right now I am hoping to purchase some better servers to host the network on once those become available. Stay tuned on Discord for more information as we go!

    I doubt anyone really read all of that, but if you did thanks! Hope to see you on the server.

    - Lorgen