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    Below is a complete guide to using buildings that require fuel.

    To fuel a building, walk up to it and right click. The menu should look like this:
    (Buildings that do not require fuel will not have the "Fuel Status" option)


    Click the lava bucket that says "click to refuel." This will bring up the fueling menu:


    From this menu you can fuel your building. Select any of the compatible fuel items, including wood planks, coal, coal blocks, lava buckets, gunpowder, blaze powder, or an infinitum gem.

    Doing this will add the amount of fuel that each item is worth. The fuel values for items are as follows:

    Wood Planks (Any Wood Variant) = 400C
    Blaze Powder = 3,000C
    Gunpowder = 4,500C
    Coal = 5,000C
    Block of Coal = 45,000C
    Lava Bucket = 180,000C
    Infinitum Gem = Infinite Fuel!

    Pro Tip: To fuel faster, you can shift + click to use all of the fuel in your inventory, for the type you select.


    -What is building fuel?
    Some buildings on our server require fuel to function. In order to make such buildings work, you need to provide them with fuel.

    -How come my building doesn't have a fuel button?
    Your building probably does not need fuel to function. Make sure the building you select is one that needs fuel to work.

    -What buildings need fuel?
    The buildings that require fuel to function are as follows:
    Item Transporter
    Holy Torch
    Block Grinder
    Token Generator
    Cobblestone Generator
    Dirt Generator
    Tree Farm
    Ore Mine
    Mob Grinder

    -What items can I use as fuel?
    You can use wood planks, coal, coal blocks, gunpowder, blaze powder, lava buckets, and infinitum gems as fuel.

    -How do I get infinitum gems, and what do they do?
    Great question! Infinitum gems provide an INFINITE fuel source for your building. Pretty crazy, right? You can purchase infinitum gems at our online store in the "Skyblock" section.

    Got any questions? Feel free to contact a staff member in our support channel on discord, or ask one in game.
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