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    Skyblock Week #15 Rewards

    Uhhhh.... I am running out of creative intros for these "news" posts... :oops: So many of them! Either way it we have some more Island XP winners this week so let's get right into it!
    This weeks top ten looks like this:233
    If you want more information about an island you can do /is show <name>

    That means that the top #3 for this week are:
    #1 Eaux - $30 Gift Code...


    Recently we have found the need for a few more people to help us further develop some of the many creative ideas and suggestions we get from you guys, our players! We are looking for 5 creative minded people for this new Content Developer Position on our server.

    This position could entail doing things from helping us come up with or further develop new ideas for the...

    Skyblock Week #14 Rewards

    We are back again! With more rewards for weekly XP! Had some new top competitors this week, which was very exciting!

    Either way, let's get right to it! This weeks top ten looks like this:
    If you want more information about an island you can do /is show <name>

    That means that the top #3 for this week are:
    #1 7SidesInACircle - $30 Gift Code
    [COLOR=rgb(204, 204...

    CrazyWars NoDebuff Tournament #2

    Hello there! It has been a long time since our last contest to see who the greatest PvPer on CrazyWars is, but that long wait is now over! We will be hosting a NoDebuff 1v1 Tournament on Saturday, April 4th at 2pm EST.

    Rewards Include:
    šŸ„‡ 1st Place: $30 Store Voucher, 5x CRAY-Z Crates, 1 Million Tokens
    šŸ„ˆ Second Place: $20 Store Voucher, 5x...

    Skyblock Week #1 Rewards

    We are back with more prizes for the first week of weekly xp for the Beta Season! It's been a competitive first week with lots of new competitors!
    Either way, let's get right to it! This weeks top ten looks like this:
    If you want more information about an island you can do /is show <name>

    That means that the top #3 for this week are:
    #1 Onesh0t - $30 Gift Code...​

    Build Competition Announcement

    We haven't done one of these in a while... I recently have heard a lot of hype about players wanting to do a build competition so here it is. We will be hosting this from March 21, 2020 to April 4, 2020. You will have 2 weeks to build. You may be wondering the theme of this build competition is? Well after some thought we decided since easter is right around the corner we should make the competition Easter themed! Now for some general rules:

    - You will only be allowed one...​

    Welcome JDGames and Larucus!
    • LorgeN
    • Replies: 2

    Short one today, but thought I'd use our fancy forums aswell to welcome JDGames and Larucus to CrazyWars! Today they've posted their first video which I wont spoil here either (Check out our Discord to get that insane reference right there and also stay up to date on news n stuff ya know)!

    Check out the video here!

    While you're at it; Check out their Discord server here aswell!

    Skyblock Week #10 Rewards

    Surely you didn't think we forgot about weekly xp rewards!?!?!? Well we didn't. This week we are bringing you a some exciting store gift codes!

    Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 4.49.04 PM.png

    The winners will receive Store gift codes in their forums direct messages.
    1) $30 ej_e_norsk
    2) $20 Flameshine_11
    3) $10 IamSkilled

    Congratulations to our winners of week #10, and good luck to next weeks competitors!

    Skyblock Week #9 Rewards

    I am bringing y'all another announcement for rewards for this past weeks island XP gains, just a little bit late this time. (Sorry :) ) For this week we decided to tone the prizes down a little bit from previous weeks.

    Below are the standings for this past week:
    Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 4.51.39 PM.png

    The prizes will go to the island owners which are:
    1st Place:
    ej_e_norsk (3x Cray-z Crates)
    2nd Place: ChugJug624 (3x Godly Crates)
    3rd Place: clariee (3x Super Crates)...

    SkyBlock Alpha Season Reset
    • LorgeN
    • Replies: 21

    Hello everyone! For some of you this may come as a surprise, for some of you it may not. We've decided to do a reset of the SkyBlock server. The main focus of this reset is to scale back the economy. We have achieved a point where our economy is stable, but inflated. This means the main thing we will be changing are the prices of items and such. That is to say that there wont be any major new features coming with the reset, we are however going to keep updating and adding new features like...

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